If you feel unhappy, then try these methods to cure it

Everyone wants for a happy life and perfect. Happiness may actually be obtained from daily habits that we often do.

However, if you feel unhappy, you're caught between the habits that make you feel uncomfortable. Here are ways to overcome the unhappiness.

- Check up your health

Healthy is the most important part that you should take note. Get used to control your health to the nearest clinic every month. If you have anemia, you will often feel dizzy. In addition, if you are not healthy, hormonal disorders can make your energy decreases. In the meantime, if you are depressed, your life will not be peaceful. Routine check ups, can create unwanted symptoms of the disease is detected early and you do not have to fight the disease that can interfere with your daily routine each time.

- Take the help of others

You want to change to a better life anymore? All you have to begin from receiving various kinds of criticism if it were able to build. But, you also need to know if the person is already exceeded in giving criticism, you should not be in a weak position, stand up and resist them with your strengths. Apart from that, you can also find a friend who can remind you when you step on the wrong track. We live not stand alone but also need the help of others.

- Enjoy relationships with others

When someone interferes with your contact at all times and may suddenly always there to accompany you for a walk. You should never feel uncomfortable. You should be aware that there are still people who love you and are very concerned with your life. It's very simple, do not ever be ignored because this could be one source of your happiness.

- Try to to go weekend

This step is very helpful especially when you live alone. You need to leave the house with all existing routines for several hours. the routine you normally do when you are at home you can replace with a walk to the movies, go out to eat with friends. This activity can help keep your mind becomes calmer than before and you can feel always happy.

- Make multiple changes

We need to adapt to the changing phases. If you ever dropped a thing, you have to immediately bounce back. Do not ever let such a protracted and always make you feel sad.

- Eat a healthy diet

Healthy food has a good effect on mood and it's been proven scientifically. You really have to change your diet to make it healthier longer. Try starting from now with more frequent eating more vegetables and fruit.

- Do not say 'later'

If a job is always preceded by the word "i will do it later", it could make the result is not optimal and might make you a hurry so it was not quiet in working. When can be done as soon as possible why not done right now?