20 Minute Body Review: Complete Fitness Packages for You

20 Minute Body system
If you often browse the amazon when searching health & fitness books, perhaps the Brett Hoebel name is quite familiar for you. Brett Hoebel is the author of "The 20-Minute Body: 20 Minutes, 20 Days, 20 Inches"

here is the official link: https://www.amazon.com/20-Minute-Body-Minutes-Days-Inches/dp/0062316788

If we see the review from amazon, we can see clearly the summary from the book above:

"Brett is celebrity trainer who shows you eating strategy and intense workout that promises you big result, and you have to do it in 20 minutes a day"

Still from his official book, Brett is aware that training like treadmill is good for his client. But he is aware that not everyone got a time to attend the gym or even have a hour to train their body.

Learning from the fact above, Brett develops this "20 minute body" method to help other people build the dream body without investing too much time.

Furthermore, most people make same mistake by focusing on burning the fat. According to Brett, you need to focus on building the muscle cause the other benefits like burning the fat will automatically follow. Yes, the Metabolic muscle is the biggest secret that can help you burn the calories.

Fortunately, beside publishing his book through retailer like amazon, Brett Hoebel also promotes his product through Clickbank marketplace. The difference between his product on clicbank and amazon is, it's more complete with lots of content.

When buying Brett Hoebel's 20 minute body system through clickbank, you will receive:

- "20 minute body" as the main menu that consists of:
a. HIIT: shorter, effective and more challenging High-Intensity Interval Training workouts
b. Zero to 60: learn how to build muscle safely and avoid unnecessary injuries.
c. The “Afterburn” Effect: In case you don't know, your body burns the calories after you do the exercise.
d. Go Lean, Go Green, Go Clean: quick recipes to help you build the body.
e. No Gym Necessary: Just like mentioned above, Brett successfully develops effective training so attending at the gym is no longer necessary.

- 11 DVDs that includes 13 workouts
- Workout Calendar
- Nutrition Guide
- and bonuses

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