Why do people love pizza??

credit: freeimages.com/photo/pizza-1562028 by André Montejorge
The food is very popular in the United States is indeed often be selected as hunger. Eating alone, both of us, even rollicking, this food still tasted delicious to be enjoyed.

Food rounded, flattened and cooked with roasted and sprinkled with a variety of toppings is not only to be excellent in the western hemisphere, but throughout the world. Here's the reason why pizza preferred.

1. No need cutlery
When you buy a pizza, then it need not be bothered to cut it. You can immediately devoured the Italian food in the shape of a triangle.

2. Many types of food
When eating pizza, you eat a variety of foods such as meat, bread, vegetables, fish, fruit even as there are many choices of toppings. No wonder when the bread is quite filling.

3. Not complicated
The form is simple and easy to eat pizza making increasingly unpopular and is a good option as a friend while watching TV.

4. Lots of variety
Forms were not always circular pizza was made pizza increasingly unpopular. Especially now, more and more restaurants caterers that make innovation by presenting two kinds of flavors in one pizza.

5. Delicious
Yes the obvious reason is of course because pizza is delicious.

However, consuming pizza everyday is recommended because it contains high calories, sodium & saturated fat and is not good for those who want to do diet. Some of pizza variety are classified as "junk foods". Alternatively, you can include natural ingredient or fruit over your favorite pizza.