Trouble Spot Training Review: Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle

Trouble Spot Training
If you're looking for best training program to try then you might need to know about Trouble Spot Training. Well this program is created so you can burn the fat and build lean muscle at the same time.

Perhaps, you wanna know why your body keep storing fat??, or why always fail building your body body despite your hard training??, or perhaps you are a skinny guy who's hardly to gain body mass??.

Created by Bruce Krahan & Janet Krahan, the Trouble Spot Training is designed to help those experience the "symptoms" above.

The pros of the training program??, well you don't have to do boring and heavy exercise when following this Trouble Spot Training system.

From the official site of this program, you can find if if your body can transform your stubborn fat in three phases: preparation phase--> fat loss phase--> and trouble spot specific training.

#1. Preparation phase
There are things you can find from this phase, this is basic of how you can start to burn the and gain muscle.

#2. Rapid fat loss phase
You can find more how to transform your body, and the most important, you can cut your weight without altering your metabolism. In this phase, the creator of the this program suggested you not to avoid carbs completely.

#3. Trouble Spot Training, the main phase
After you successfully follow the two phases above and lose the fat, now it's time for you to get your ideal muscle.

Additional information

* Three popular workouts that won't transform your body
    a. Yoga
It's good for your flexibility but don't hope if yoga can help you burn the fat around your belly.
   b.  P90X and Insanity
Generally, this kind of training might help you lose the weight, however, if you want to training certain of your muscle, then you need smarter and more effective methods.
   c.  Crossfit
Despite the benefits from this training, the Crossfit can put your joint on stress level. Furthermore, Crossfit can make you lose the muscle mass if combined with wrong diet method.

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