The ways you can do to improve your immune system

Basically, your body's own immune system can fight microorganisms that can cause disease and lowered immune system. Even so, this does not mean that the immune system can not fail in maintaining your health. Sometimes, the bacteria can make you sick.

Therefore, it is important for you to know how to increase endurance. So you can avoid anything that compromise the immune system.

Love your self with How To Increase Body Endurance
How to increase endurance is actually the easy thing. Provided you discipline yourself plus eating a variety of foods that can increase endurance as below:

It is so unfortunate if you do not put the broccoli into the daily menu. How come? Broccoli is one of the foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Call it antioxidant, vitamin E, A, and C, everything is there in broccoli. To process any complicated you need not fear. Quite boiled briefly, then eat while warm.

turns out that this fresh green vegetables are also rich in vitamin C. In fact, spinach also contains beta carotene and antioxidants. With this content, spinach can help your body to improve the body's immune system to fight infection.

    Orange colored and refreshing orange, grapefruit including the famous vitamin C content in it. Vitamin C is needed to improve the body's white blood cells inside which can be useful against a variety of infections. No need to be so confused in choosing orange, because almost all kinds of citrus is rich in vitamin C.

    Red peppers
Perhaps you will be surprised to know it. When compared with the famous orange with vitamin C, red peppers have vitamin C proved to be doubled. Wow! Even the red peppers are also rich in beta carotene. Abortion is what makes this fruit not only can enhance the body, but also maintain healthy eyes and skin.

In addition to several types of food over, how to increase endurance more can be done by eating other foods such as almonds, ginger, garlic, turmeric, green tea, and yogurt. Remember not to cultivate vegetables such as spinach and broccoli in a long time. Boiled briefly enough to keep the nutrients in it.

Keep Endurance Body's Way More
How to improve the durability of the body is to live a healthy lifestyle. Because after all, your lifestyle can affect the strength of endurance in protecting your body from various diseases.

Avoid such things as lack of sleep, not exercising, smoking and drinking alcoholic. And do some things such as keeping blood pressure, maintain a healthy weight healthy and rested.

In addition to some of these, it is important for you to maintain emotional stability and avoid stress. Because, stress can also affect the immune system and can make you become vulnerable to illness. This is because when you are stressed, stress hormones will increase in the body and suppress your immune system.