The habits that can accelerate the aging process

No one wants to look older than it should. But unfortunately, there are the custom-daily habits are often set by triggering hormonal aging appear early.

In fact, almost every woman always try to do as much as possible in order to look younger, beautiful and attractive.
Here are habits that can accelerate your aging process.

1. sleeping too late
Sometimes you have to stay up, especially if there is an urgent need to be done. Not why occasionally stay up, stay as long as you sleep eight hours. Do not make a habit of staying up late, because staying up late can make you look older.

2. Eat lots of sweets
Too much consumption of sweets have a negative impact on the overall health of your skin. Candy will trigger a lot of wrinkles, destroys collagen and make your body become sugar addicts.

3. Stress
Stress has become a part of everyday life. But stress also affects your body in the long run. As a result, so damaged skin, hair loss and body systems disturbed.

4. Listen to music loudly
Maximizing the volume of the music you make beats hard on the ears and make you look older, as well as inhibiting concentration.

5. Do not meet friends
Catch up with friends is an effective way to eliminate stress and pamper yourself. If you prefer to be alone, it will affect your overall health.

6. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are an important source of minerals and nutrients your body needs. If the intake is not met then it will make your skin is wrinkled.

7. Revenge
Not good grudge because it will only make you sad and stressed. Be the person who likes to forgive so that your life happier. When you are happy, then the ageless will automatically come to you.

8. Do not wear sunscreen
You may not notice it immediately but the next 10 years you will know the importance of sunscreen because it will prevent your skin look older.

9. Do not wash your face before bed
Bed without washing your face causing dirt on the face will penetrate the layers of your skin thus making it look older.

10. Wear too much makeup
Wear a lot of make up everyday can harm the skin and cause fine lines, wrinkles and acne. Try to wear thin or natural makeup