Garlic and its great benefits

Good news for those of you who are fond of eating garlic. Spices that are almost in every cuisine of Asian foods, not only adds to the taste of the food, but it has many health benefits.

Garlic is rich in iodine, sulfur, calcium, and iron. From the first, garlic is known as a natural remedy to cure several diseases, such as diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels, to digestive problems.

With the sharp aroma compounds that contain allicin, garlic is an antioxidant, even judged to have antibacterial and antiviral properties on the body.

That is why the garlic should be available in any of your diet. Here are five other properties of garlic as quoted from

1. Treating asthma
Eating a few cloves of garlic considered effective in treating asthma. Asthma attacks can be reduced by eating raw garlic every day.

Vitamin C in garlic can neutralize free radicals that cause contraction in the section of the airway.

2. Improving bone health
For women, garlic consumption may improve bone health declined because of reduced estrogen as they age.

According to a recent study, garlic can help in increasing bone density in patients suffering from narrowing and hardening of the arteries.

3. Healthy heart
Garlic also helps protect the heart from the effects of free radicals. The content of sulfur in garlic can prevent blood vessel blockage due to garlic also helps maintain the elasticity of arteries.

4. Overcoming laryngitis
Garlic can be a natural remedy for a sore throat and overcome the disease, because the cold air is more light. Antibacterial properties reduces throat infection or preventing respiratory illness became worse. In addition, regular consumption of garlic also reduces the risk of chronic bronchitis.

5. Preventing allergies
Garlic also has anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory that can ward off allergies and inflammation. Drink the juice of raw garlic is believed to relieve itching due to rashes or insect bites.