The more benefits of pineapple you need to know

Did you know that pineapple can accelerate the healing of muscle injuries and wounds? Special enzymes (bromelain) contained in pineapple is valuable as anti-swelling, dissolve mucus, reducing pain.

The content of the pineapple is also good for our bodies. This fruit contains nutrients needed by the body. Such as carbohydrate, protein, fat, iron, and magnesium. Fresh pineapple juice is considered to be cool and clean the blood. Uniquely, pineapple can also treat intestinal worms in children.

We can grate a young pineapple, then express it. Then, add two tablespoons of honey or syrup of sugar cubes into the water. Then, Drinks to children who suffer from intestinal worms. In addition to worms, there are other benefits of pineapple like treating the flu. How to use it too easy.

First, ripe pineapple peel and grate or enter into a blender. Then wring and strain the water. We can drink the water several times a day to treat the flu. Approximately measuring as much as half a glass. We recommend that you drink after every meal. But, do not be cooled when they want to eat them.

Fruit that goes into this Agaraceae tribe can also be utilized to treat strep throat. The trick serving and measuring as well as treat the flu. But try to eat more often.

Not only that, pineapple can also treat dandruff. How to make a 'potion' is also fairly easy. Peel the pineapple to get the benefits.

Then pulverized 12 galing leaves and mix the two ingredients. Furthermore, the material was let stand for two hours, then strain the fabric. We can use it to rinse when shampooing. Try to use it until the dandruff disappears.

For kidney disorders and diabetes sufferers , also not recommended to eat pineapple which contains calcium oxalate and rich in fiber.