The foods and drinks to cooling down your body

Too long exposure to sunlight in hot and sunny weather is not the only cause dehydration, but also heatstroke (heat stroke).

Heat stroke is characterized by the body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius and can be fatal as it causes damage to the brain and other organs.

Signs began to dehydrate the body, such as a dry throat, thirst and dizziness, are often overlooked and considered normal. In fact, consume enough fluids is very important to maintain hydration of the body and also prevent heat stroke.

In the dry season such as this, the consumption of foods and beverages that have a cooling effect on the body and sufficient fluids. Besides water, what are the choices?

1. Apples
The water content in apples reached 84 percent. It also contains vitamins and fiber we need. Another advantage of this fruit is always available, alias knows no season.

2. Cucumber
Do not just make a cucumber as fresh vegetables on the edge of your plate. There are many reasons why we need to eat cucumbers when the hot weather, one maintaining the water content and electrolyte body.

3. Coconut water
Coconut water is excellent for hydrating the body and increase energy. Coconut water is also considered as the best option to overcome heat stress.

4. Watermelon
Watermelon is a natural detox that can release toxins in the body due to the increase in body temperature.

5. Lettuce
In the lettuce leaves 94 percent consists of water and are also rich in vitamin A. Do not miss eating this fresh leaf.

6. Lemon
Not only refreshing, lemon juice also contains sitrit acid and water can relieve thirst quickly.