Fat Loss Factor Review: Effective Solution to Burn Fat

Fat Loss Factor
So, after writing review about fat burning chef and eat stop eat program, i decided to write an article about fat loss factor system. Even though this loss factor program has similarity with the previous diet methods i mentioned above. The fat loss factor has its own uniqueness. Well, keep on reading to see the full information about this guide.

Obviously, there are a lot of diet or fitness program you can find out there to help you lose fat. Well, one i recommend is the fat loss factor. You might ask me why??, well it's because the creator of the program has dedicated himself to make an easy-to-follow guide, and a comprehensive eBook that can be used by those who are suffering from fat deposits. One thing to note that you might need to change your diet pattern in at least two weeks, otherwise the program might not work for you.

What is exactly the program??

The creator of fat loss factor guide, Dr. Charles Livingston​, promises that his program can help you lose the fat around your belly or under your arms. Fortunately, just like the fat burning chef, you can still enjoy delicious foods while running the program. The secret is of course, Charles also provides the guide to cook delicious recipes which are also useful to burn fat.

Quick info about Dr. Charles Livingston​

Unfortunately, there's not much information about the creator. However, I'm really sure that this Charles is a real person, not just a pen-name. Furthermore, he also created another good product: Cellulite Factor.

What's inside the fat loss factor program

Well i can say the content inside the program is quite complete, ranging from guide eBook, videos and also support emails. The main menu is of course you can find through the eBook. And the recipes, you can get by watching the videos. As mentioned above, the recipes are designed to help you burn the stubborn fat.

What others benefits can you get through the program??

* Dr. Charles believes that toxins is one of the reason why your body deposits fat. Therefore, by eliminating toxins out of your body, it's gonna be easier for your body to burn more fat.

* How to avoid the unhealthy diet

* Motivation
Exercise routine is the key of your healthy lifestyle. Most people is aware of that, yet they avoid doing exercise due to various reasons, like lack of time or even worse, lack of motivation. Obviously, without strong motivation and hard work, it's impossible to get the ideal body you always dream.

Plus and minus of the program

- Complete and easy to follow guide
- Videos and email support available
- 60 days money back guarantee

- This fat loss factor program also suggests raw food diet, which is hard to follow by most people. In fact, it can lead to nutrition imbalance, if done in extended time.
- The price is quite expensive.

Thanks for reading the article...

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Additional information

* Simple fat loss tips from Dr. Charles

a. Avoid "white" food, which includes cereal products, pastas and white breads. You also need to avoid "white" food ingredients like flour and processed milk. Note that according to Dr. Charles, chicken and fish are fine to consume.

b. Avoid drinks that contain high sugars and calories like soda drinks. Instead, drink enough water so your body can burn the fat effectively.

c. And the last, beside "white" food, Dr. Charles also recommends you to avoid wheat products, which are blamed for obesity, or even worse: diabetes.

* The positive and negative points when you follow raw food diet

When you're eating raw foods, you can get whole food nutrition without going through the cooking process with high temperatures.

Are you interested to apply raw food diet in your life? Know first the positive and negative things from this diet.


    Because the nutrients in raw foods are still intact due to not through the cooking process, the body will get complex nutrients and enzymes in turn will absorb these nutrients.
    Raw food is a great way to get rid of toxins from the body.
    If you live in a tropical climate, a raw food diet will have a cooling effect on the body. Water content in these foods will also hydrate the body well.
    Applying raw food diet will also help you to lose weight in a healthy way.


    The process of breaking or digesting food so much longer that you can suffer from indigestion if you always eat raw foods.
    Not always the cooking process gives a bad impact. For example, tomatoes, spinach, and garlic will be more nutritious when cooked. This vegetable will also release enzymes that can not be digested properly if eaten raw.
    Eating raw milk or eggs will actually harm the body.

The essence of this explanation is there are some foods that should be consumed raw or not. And there are some people who fit the raw food diet and not. For that, recognize your body first before you try the concept of raw food and do not forget to eat fresh food free of pesticides if you apply this diet pattern.

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