What are the concept of "clean-eating" diet??

In contrast to other diet methods that have strict rules, clean-eating diet is considered more loosely but effectively keeps the body slim.

Clean-eating or could be interpreted as a clean diet is a diet that eating more whole and natural foods, such as vegetables and fruits, vegetable protein, nuts, and healthy oils.

Clean-eating also means we eat food that is closest to natural food, not processed, as well as non-food packaging from the factory.

According to nutritionists Jacklyn London, today the concept of clean-eating has become a trend, but unfortunately many people misinterpret this diet method.

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"More and more manufacturers are labeling their products as" clean. "In fact, if the product contains oil or sugar derivative then the same thing is not healthy," said London.

He gave an example of the content of agave is the same with sugar, coconut oil also are mostly saturated fat, as well as cold-pressed juice still contains a lot of sugar.

Instead of buying the finished product is labeled "clean-eating", "natural" or "healthy", London advised us to eat food cooked at home as well as through a bit of processing.

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Here are 5 simple tips to adopt the concept of "clean-eating".

1. Vegetables
Look for ways to make us eat more vegetables. Indeed, we need not always just eat vegetables, but make sure the contents of your plate contains vegetables and other components of a healthy and balanced.

2. Choose a clear
Choose something clearer and more transparent than in products labeled as healthy but actually conceal unhealthy content. In other words, choose products that do contain what they claim.

3. Do not believe claims
Many food companies reap profits because it includes the label "healthy", although sometimes fetched. From whole foods we eat we get complete nutrition. Bananas healthy not because no potassium content, but also fiber and various vitamins. Therefore, do not just buy products that claim to contain certain active ingredients.

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4. No need to antagonize food packaging
Indeed, we do not recommended too often consume food packaging, but there are exceptions. Some products are healthier because they actually contain what is stated on the label. For example, 100 percent whole-grain. Several kinds of fruit that grow only in certain seasons also we can enjoy throughout the year due to good packaging technology.

5. Diversity
The food was varied and also gives a sense of happiness also be part of a healthy lifestyle. The key is not to overdo it.