Chocolate is good for the healthy of your heart

A recent study reported by the American Heart Association, it could be good news for chocolate lovers. As presented at the association Epidemiology / Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions, researchers have found an association between daily consumption of chocolate with heart health,

This study looked at the eating habits and lifestyles of more than 1,100 adults ages 18-69 for two years.

From the results obtained, the researchers concluded that taking 100 mg of chocolate every day associated with insulin resistance and lower liver enzymes, an indicator of heart disease risk.

So lovers of chocolate rated more likely to be younger, more physically active, and were less likely to experience chronic health problems than those who do not or rarely eat chocolate.

This study is the latest to have uncovered evidence that chocolate can be part of a healthy diet.

Last month, a study published in the journal Appetite concluded, eating chocolate can improve cognitive function in the brain, including memory sharper, and better reasoning skills.

Even so, these benefits will be felt when you choose dark chocolate with a slightly bitter taste. This is because cocoa flavanols, a subgroup of flavonoids found in chocolate, the most widely owned by dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is the chocolate is containing 30 to 70 percent cocoa.
So, do not hesitate anymore to eat a piece of dark chocolate as a dessert lunch everyday.