Wrap or Sandwich, which one is more healthy??

Experts say, a portion of the wrap often contain more material processed foods and high in calories than two slices of toast contents.

Interestingly, according to Carrie Jennis, a registered dietitian and certified health in New York City, because of the size of a thin, many people tended assume that healthy than sandwich wrap, so it becomes healthy lunch options are practical. In fact, wrap actually contain more calories than a sandwich.

Average wrap on the market do contain 210 calories, but when presented with the wrap stuffing tuna salad or salad of fried chicken pieces, calories can be increased up to 400 calories. Average sandwich with two handfuls of bread and stuffing complete only contains about 240 calories.

"The problem is the size. Wrap on the market tend to be larger than the sandwich. In fact, some were sold with the size of a Frisbee. The greater the wrap, the more contents, calories will grow, "added Lori Zanini, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Lori continued, in addition to wrap contains more calories and carbohydrates than regular sized one slice of bread, wrap contains more hydrogenated oil.

Hydrogenated oils are commonly known as trans fats, it is not good for your health.

However, it should be emphasized that a healthy sandwich is a sandwich made of a loaf of wheat bread. This means that you have obtained fiber, minerals, and nutrients of wheat that is not found in a portion of the wrap.

If you want a healthier sandwich, of course you can process it yourself at home with a choice of materials according to the taste and calorie calculation that you want to achieve.

"So, you do not have to delete the list of sandwiches for lunch practical choice. After all, the taste of a loaf of bread on the sandwiches tend to be more delicious and satisfying than thin wrap and chill.