What you eat can affect your sleep quality

If we try to avoid eating at night, may often hear some suggestions as to turn off the screen (television or mobile phone) at night, avoid caffeine, and turn off the room lights.

But there is a new small study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which offers some suggestions on what to eat to get a good sleep quality.

 Foods that contain high fiber and low in saturated fat is said to be foods that can provide better quality sleep.

The study, led by a professor from Columbia University Medical Center, studied as many as 26 adults and look at their sleep patterns over five nights. During those observed for nine hours, the participants have an average bedtime for seven and a half hours on each night.

For three days, the researchers also control their diet and then study their sleep on the third night.

Afterwards, the participants of the research allowed to choose their own food for one day, the researchers studied their sleep patterns at night too.

When nutritionists provide healthy food that is low weak and high in protein, the participants will then sleep in 17 minutes thereafter. But when the participants choose their own food, it causes their sleep time longer doubled ie almost 30 minutes to fall asleep later.

Snacks that contain sugar, low-fiber foods and foods with high saturated fat content all cause sleep disorder, and people who frequently awakened at midnight.

Given that nutrition experts give only three days and one day freely choose food before going to sleep, the researchers also concluded that one day of the bad foods can affect the quality of sleep.

The findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

"This study emphasizes the fact that diet and sleep are linked a healthy lifestyle," said President Dr. Nathaniel Watson of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

"For optimal health it is important to make lifestyle choices that can produce healthy sleep, such as eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise."