What happens when your body is lack of fiber

Eat lots of fiber, that's the spell that should be echoed from health experts. Adults should eat 20-30 grams of fiber than five servings of fruits and vegetables every day but not all of them can meet the recommended.

We prefer junk food and fat as well as a pile of sweet snacks in the fridge, rather than to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. All around us are also too many processed foods that have lost a lot of fiber elements. Try just compare the white bread with whole grain bread.

Fiber helps healthy digestion and vegetable fruit gives us enzymes and vital nutrients for life. Maybe you already know this. But, you know what can happen to the body when we don't get enough fiber?

1. Hemorrhoids and constipation

Maybe you've seen ads fiber supplement with scenes model feel uncomfortable due to difficult bowel movements. Plant material in your body that can not be digested will help shape the dirt so it is easy to remove.

Lack of fiber means your stomach becomes uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable, bloating and pain due to constipation. People who lack the fiber are also at risk of developing hemorrhoids due to difficult bowel movements.

Never mind the occasional fiber supplements when you need it, but still it is best natural fibers from plants.

2. Easy to get hungry

Heartburn for roast chicken? Unless you equip it with brown rice or beans, you will come back hungry an hour or two later.

A diet low in fiber, high-protein though, the person often hungry. Fiber digested by the body much longer than other nutrients so you'll feel full longer. It is also good for those who are in weight loss programs.

3. The risk of heart disease rises

There have been many studies find, the higher the fiber to your diet, the lower the risk of heart disease you might encounter.

Fiber can not be digested and cholesterol will be attached to it, then both will come out through the exhaust.

Research also proved that people who regularly eat a lot of fiber, had the lowest risk of death due to cardiovascular disease.

4. Blood sugar levels so chaotic

If you eat food that is quickly converted into energy, such as a cake or a bagel or fries, you will feel your energy is rapidly rising but soon you feel sleepy and hungry again.

This is because foods high in calories and sugar and less fiber, can raise blood sugar levels quickly but then down again quickly too.

Blood sugar levels are quickly up and down constantly, not only make you lethargic but also increases the risk of diabetes.

People with a diet poor in fiber, have an increased risk of type-2 diabetes are two times higher than people who love to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, so according to the according to the Harvard School of Public Health.