The few Myths about physical exercise

Perhaps you have heard some of the things that is not necessarily true about the exercise, then things will cause doubt to exercise. To get clarity, here's the facts from the myths about the workout we need to know:

Myth: exercise only one time in a week is not helpful.

The fact is, no matter how small the exercise that we do often encourage us to be able to maintain and increase the number of sports (including time). Maintain a minimum of physical exercise or sports, to be increased gradually over time.

Myth: No pain, no gain. Sports or physical exercise we do if no pain, no effective means.

In fact, the sport does not have to make us feel sick, for example by not directly perform strenuous exercise. If the body feels sore after exercise, it could be a sign that our muscles we experience an injury or muscle soreness. There are plenty of gentle exercise that we can try, such as walking, swimming, and several types of gymnastics.

Myth: Exercise will make us become tired and the body becomes progressively worse.

Fact is an exercise will make our body becomes more alert. Sports will trigger the body to release endorphins which make the body and the soul becomes more relaxed and energized.

When feeling tired after work, we can try to walk 5 minutes as a form of exercise. after it, you actually will feel more refreshed.

Myth: Sports can not stop the aging process. Why bother to exercise?

The fact is though exercise can not play time or restore a youthful, exercise will make your body become healthier and stronger. Thus, we will feel able to move as though we were young.

Myth: We should be fit to start the sport.

In fact, even supposing we start all from zero, we still can do sports or physical exercise. If we do not have any experience at all in the exercise, start with a light movement within a few minutes each day.