happiness is also the key of your health

Over the past 50 years, scientists have discovered the body and mind are not only connected, but also are closely intertwined and affect each other.

Various studies also reveal the connection between the brain, the mind and the immune system. One of them said, people often stress are more prone to suffer flu.

Emotional conditions such as stress, fear, or anger, sends a signal to the main gland in the body to release certain hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline and epinephrine.

These hormones make cells are always ready to guard and not resting. If we are indeed facing a threat (in ancient times, for example the face of a wild animal) was a useful precautionary conditions. But in modern life is actually detrimental. As a result, the ability of the body fight disease from the outside is reduced, and blood pressure to increase.


In addition to releasing stress hormones, our bodies can also secrete hormones to boost immunity, especially when we feel happy or relaxed. Hormone that for example serotonin, dopamine, relaxin and oxytocin.

Many everyday activities can make the body is flooded with hormones that, from exercising to release emotional tension, laugh with friends, or playing with a pet.

Immune maintained is key to fighting the disease, including cancer. Therefore, try to spend some time doing activities that relaxes.