Goat meat as alternative of diet

Sales of mutton since the last 2 decades have increased as much as 9 fold. Goat meat is a staple food in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caribbean culture, has now been expanded to the United States and Europe as an option in addition to beef.

Erin Fairbanks, assistant director of sales at specialty meat Heritage Foods USA said, "With good processing, goat meat has a flavor similar to beef. So the goat meat has become another option as a meal of red meat. "

When compared with beef, the dish 85 grams, mutton have the same amount of protein as beef. However, calories are owned mutton only 122 calories, 235 calories of beef being.

In fact, although included in the group of red meat, goat meat has 6 fewer calories per serving than skinless chicken. The difference is not how much, but this information can be news "large" given the reputation of chickens that had always been considered as the most low-calorie meat you eat.

To get the best quality goat meat, you can eat goat meat without fat. Goat meat also should be cooked at a low temperature. Due to the nature of the low-fat meats, then goat meat can dry out faster and harder when cooked at high temperatures.

Not only good for your health, goat meat is also good for the health of the planet. Goat breeders are not allowed to use hormones, goats are generally farmed in small-scale agriculture also rated grow more naturally as grass eaters.