Easy, Simple Tips to Reduce Calorie Intake

Besides exercising, reducing daily calories often be challenging for a weight loss program. The good news, lower-calorie meal can actually do with ease, without the need to stop snacking or leaving his favorite meal tend to be greasy for example. Here are five tips from the experts.

1. Eat a snack using the plate, instead of the wrapper.
"Seeing" is of key importance in maintaining the size of the meal. Snack straight from the wrapper eliminates your chance to see how many pieces of a snack that has been entered in the mouth, so without knowing you have eaten in large quantities.

Instead, move the snack in a flat plate will make it seem like a main menu. So psychologically you will be made happy, easy satiety, even wanted to quit despite many snack chips.

2. Use a small plate.
Many studies have proven that eating the main menu from a smaller plate can help a person to consume fewer calories.
According to the latest analysis published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, reduces the diameter of the plate by 30 percent would reduce the amount of food eaten by some 30 percent. So, time to provide a new favorite dish with a smaller diameter to eat everyday.

3. Shades of blue.
In one experiment, researchers found that people tend to eat more when using plates with matching color with the food. For example, use a white plate or plates to eat red rice to eat pasta tomato sauce.

This makes the diet experts often recommend clients to use blue plates, because not a lot of blue food.

According to them, the blue color will make the food look even though many do not. In contrast with the white or red plate.

4. Place the fresh food, such as fruits and vegetables at the most visible in the refrigerator.
After shopping, put fresh fruit and vegetables in the front of the refrigerator, the food is being processed at the rear.
The study found that the food was placed in a place easily visible and accessible will be more edible.

5. Playing Tetris.
If your craving is peaking, try to busy themselves with a game of Tetris than simply hold back and finally tempted to eat.
A study in 2014 showed that playing games may reduce feelings of food cravings.
The researchers explained that the game can shift your focus to eat and disturb your mind with something else so that decreases appetite.