Beside yogurt, these foods contains probiotic

Recent research published by the journal Hypertension said that people who eat probiotic had lower blood pressure than not.

Healthy benefits of probiotics derived from microorganisms that are also useful to maintain digestive health and the immune system.

One of the foods rich in probiotics is yogurt and kefir. But, not everyone likes yogurt and kefir for various reasons. Do not let it keep you from the dislike of the benefits of probiotics. Here are five choices of food / beverage also contains probiotics.

1. Kombucha Tea
It is a fermented tea that is full of good bacteria. Kombucha include black tea which is known to increase energy and help the digestive system. You can serve it hot or cold.

2. Vegetable Fermentation
Sauerkraut and kimchi are two examples of fermented vegetables that contain strains of lactic acid bacteria. Another advantage that you can get from vegetable fermentation is more durable than fresh vegetables.

3. Miso
It is a kind of fermented soy-based foods, rich in probiotics because it is made of "starter" lactic acid.

Most beneficial lactic acid bacteria to improve the nutritional value of foods, controlling infection of the intestine, increasing the smoothness digestion (digestion) lactose, controlling some types of cancer, and control the level of serum cholesterol in the blood.

4. Tempe
Just like miso, tempeh also fermented soy-based. Tempe also contain Rhizopus oligosporus or similar natural antiotik to combat certain types of bacteria, among which are pneuminia and sepsis-causing bacteria, staphylococcus aureuswhich.

5. Cheese fermentation
Gouda, cheddar and Swiss cheese, made from lactic acid bacteria so it's good to be consumed as a mixture of whole wheat bread or a salad topping.