What happens to your body when you lack of drinking water

Lack of drinking water, causing dehydration of the body and can be bad for health. Lack of drinking actually give the signal thirst. But, if you do not get a drink, then the range of health effects can interfere with your body. The following is the effects due to dehydration as quoted by Health.com.

1. Bad breath
Busyness can make you forget to drink water. Be careful, before you know, lack of drinking can cause bad breath.
Marshall Young dentist from Newport Beach, California explained, when dehydrated, saliva production decreases. In fact, saliva has antibacterial properties that are important for oral health.
"Lack of saliva in the mouth allows bacteria to thrive, so that the bad breath," said Marshall.

2. Want to eat sweet
Desire consumption of sweet foods, such as high-sugar could be increased in people who are dehydrated. However, this usually occurs after exercise.
Dietitians and exercise Amy Goodson explained, when the exercise, the body will secrete more fluid and glycogen in the body to use as energy.
By doing so, the body will return needs carbohydrates that are converted into glycogen.

3. Dry skin
According to dermatologist from California Anne Marie Tremain, drinking enough water is needed to keep the skin healthy and glowing.
According to Anne, the need for water was adjusted to everyday activities. When exercising or when a lot of coffee, you should drink plenty of water. Therefore, caffeinated coffee is a diuretic, which can cause dehydration.

4. Lack of concentration while driving
Many people are afraid to drink water while driving on long trips. They fear a sudden urge to urinate and hard to find a toilet. The risk, dehydrated if you do not drink. According to the study, dehydration while driving can reduce the concentration.
Research shows that the number of driving errors occur doubled for two hours when the driver dehydration. The researchers concluded, dehydration can increase the risk of traffic accidents.

5. Fatigue
When you feel tired, think about whether you  drinking enough water. Sports Medicine Specialist Doctors Luga Podesta said dehydration can cause a drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate, and slowing blood flow to the brain. Less water also makes muscles weakened so while doing the activity will be tiring.

6. Irritability
Lack of drinking water was also made the mood is not good. In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the young woman who dehydration would be more irritable, difficult to focus, and headaches than those who drink enough water.

7. Chills
When not drinking enough, your body will feel it shiver. If it is severe dehydration, body temperature regulation will be more difficult. You will feel the cold more quickly, even when in a cold environment.
"This happens because your body starts restricting blood flow to the skin when dehydrated," the doctor said .

8. Muscle cramps
Do not be late to drink if you do not want to experience muscle cramps. Muscle cramps can occur, because less smooth blood circulation due to a shortage of drinking water. The muscles finally felt stiff.

9. Headache
The adverse effects of dehydration can even cause headaches. According to doctors Casciari, lack of water can reduce the body's level of serotonin, causing a headache.
Casciari suggest, when the headache try to drink two glasses of water and eat fruits that contain high water.