The benefits of music to our healthy

Beautiful music has a huge impact on us. This voice harmonies can be a medium of healing, casting anxiety, calming, to boost the spirit.

Humans are creatures who love music. Similarly, according to Teresa Lesiuk, Ph.D., assistant professor of music therapy at the University of Miami.

"It seems that humans are already imprinted with the music. We are ready to enjoy and interact with it," said Lesiuk.

In modern times we are also exposed to more music than ever before. It actually can be utilized to transform into better physical condition.

- Wake up
Music with a stomping rhythm could be encouraging you in the morning. The season, according to Daniel Levitin, associate professor of psychology, triggering a process in the brain called the spread of activation.

Japanese study also found that people who listened to music after waking up is not easy sleepy.

- Driving
If you almost every day should drive the vehicle to a place to move almost certainly you'll put on some music, especially if alone in the vehicle.

Australian study concluded, silence is actually less than ideal when driving a car because it can make up our mind drift to nowhere.

Choose music that enhances the taste watchful or vigilant, while keeping the speed of the vehicle. Suitable music is music with a tempo that is not too fast. The faster the tempo of the music, the more unsafe the way we drive.

- Working productively
According to history, music has long been used in human physical work to raise morale. However, if the music also has a similar effect for white-collar workers?

It turned out that the effect remains the same. If one listens to the music they love while working, fatigue work will be reduced, as well as feeling groggy and irritable. At the same time, enthusiasm and increased relaxation.

Another effect that affects the performance is more easily solve the problem. Music from which to obtain such a result is music with a fast tempo slightly.

But the effect does not apply to everyone. Not a few people who feel their concentration broke when listening to music while working.

- Sports
Music with a fast beat is a spirit booster during exercise. The link between music and sports has been proven in a study involving participants who exercise stationary bike and treadmill.

Cyclists will use less oxygen and runners wear them less power while listening to music with a fast tempo. Besides their endurance rose by 15 percent.

Listening to music during exercise will keep our attention is diverted, we will not feel forced draining. The music also makes what we do even more "fun".

- Health
Music also can be a drug. In cancer patients, the music proved to be able to control pain and also boost immunity, reduce anxiety and relieve the discomfort.

In the study, heart attack patients who listened to soothing music for 20 minutes decreased heart rate and breathing.