Muay Thai as alternative exercise for women

Although initially muay thai or thai boxing, better known as the martial arts, lately more and more women who choose this sport is to maintain their fitness.

Muaythai from Thailand in 1000 years ago. A sport that combines martial arts techniques and exercises these muscles initially are identical with elements. However, over time, this sport began using security, such as a helmet or gloves boxing, and there are clear rules for safety.

Another factor which now makes many women are interested in practicing Muaythai is a great benefit for weight loss.

Movements in muaythai using a technique that makes the whole parts of the body part moves. Body parts, such as legs, fists, knees, and elbows, very active while doing this exercise.

Variations movements body needs to maintain cardiovascular health as well to build muscles so the body slimmer.

Burn calories faster is the main goal of many women doing exercise muaythai. Another bonus obtained, among others, leaner and toned body, and of course increase alertness and reflex to protect themselves.

However, the sport is relatively heavy and exhausting so it should be careful to prevent injuries. Choose an experienced coach to teach the correct technique to avoid injury. Warm up adequately to prepare the body. Similarly, after practice, do the cooling.