Some ways to boost up your metabolism

Of course we already know that the decreased metabolism and weight gain with age. Indeed, aging is inevitable, but there are exercise and eating patterns that could block it.

In order to keep your metabolism high, the key is to exercise and a diet high in metabolism developed and Bernadot, PhD, RD, associate professor of nutrition and kinesiology from Georgia State University, and Tammy Lakatos, RD, author of the book Fire Up Your Metabolism.

With better body's metabolism you will have the energy, fitter, feels your slim clothes.

  • 1. Just eat you need to cut calories to lose weight, but too low in calories also harm the metabolism. At that time, the body will put the brakes on your metabolism and start burning muscle tissue for energy. Therefore, do not diet too strict. Eat a snack at 10:00 and in the afternoon between meals to start the engine metabolism.

  • 2. Do not forget breakfast Eating breakfast will increase your metabolism and keep it high throughout the day. Not surprisingly, people who skip breakfast actually 4.5 times more at risk of overweight. If you do not have time for breakfast, drink yogurt or oatmeal breakfast plus low-fat milk.

  • 3. Drink green tea caffeine found in coffee and tea. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so it can increase the metabolism of five to eight percent. According to a Japanese study, a cup of green tea can raise your metabolism by 12 percent. The researchers believe that the catechins in tea can speed up metabolism.

  • 4. Fight fat with fiber Research shows that fiber can burn fat up to 30 percent. Research has also shown that people who eat a lot of fiber at least gain weight. Expand fiber by eating fruits and vegetables, so that the body gets less than 25 grams of fiber a day.

  • 5. Drinking water, German researchers found that drinking six cups of cold water can raise metabolism up to approximately 50 calories a day. It's enough to eliminate the 2.5 kilograms a year. Why is that? The body requires energy to heat the cold water to conform to body temperature.

  • 6. Organic lifestyle study from Canada reported that too many toxins cause difficulty in weight loss. Perhaps because the toxins involved damaging energy burning processes in the body. Other studies reveal, pesticides trigger weight gain. Therefore, stay away from poison. If possible, buy fruit and vegetables grown naturally or organically.

  • 7. Do not forget protein Your body needs protein to maintain muscle health. Eat fat-free meat or fish as the daily menu. Protein can burn calories up to 35 percent.

  • 8. Eat iron Iron is necessary to carry oxygen needed for the muscles to burn fat. Add iron in the body by eating fat-free meat, beans, and spinach.

  • 9. Add vitamin D This is a vitamin that is necessary to maintain metabolism. Add vitamin D by eating tuna, shrimp, tofu, eggs.

  • 10. Drink milk There is evidence from studies that calcium deficiency can slow metabolism. The research also revealed that consumption of calcium through milk or low-fat yogurt can reduce fat absorption from other foods.