Two essential nutrients to boost your energy

Already slept eight hours and feel no less sleep, but why don't we still feel enough energy? Diet and fitness expert Rebecca Scritchfield said that when some clients complained of feeling no energy, usually they missed two essential nutrients needed by the body. Two of these nutrients if met will make the body more energy and no longer feel fatigue.

"If you have sleep well, in terms of quantity and quality, and regular exercise, but the body still feels energized, this time you noticed how the intake of food and the quality of your food," said Rebecca.

Each complaint tired and limp, Rebecca asks his client to record all food consumed in a journal. As a result, when the note back, she saw consistently that there are two nutrients that are passed by the client, vitamin B and iron.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B-fortified foods are fruits, vegetables, of seeds, nuts, milk, and dairy products. This is the largest class of the vitamin, because it is important to eat them in various types. "This vitamin helps the body release energy from food," said Rebecca.


Because iron carry oxygen to all the cells in the body, Rebecca said to consume iron-fortified foods such as meat, chicken, nuts, and eggs will have a direct impact on improving the energy from day to day. The women generally have low iron levels, so it is important to pay attention to iron intake.

"When clients begin to change your diet includes eating two of these nutrients, they immediately felt himself better, if it happens instantly. But, in my opinion is the influence of mental and physical. Because, when they feel better, they do not try to increase the energy by eating foods high in sugar, "she said.

The thing to remember is, you will feel better when you keep yourself. "Getting enough sleep, healthy diet, and when you feel better, your energy will definitely be back," said Rebecca.