This is why enough sleeping can help you lose weight

At this times, you feel very busy that you even hope a day will be more  than 24 hours. The density busyness and the limited time owned, often making you willing to spend a lot of time to finish the job. As a result, metabolism deteriorate and end up with less sleep and irregular eating habits.

You tend to be irritable, feel very tired and weary, and always want to eat a lot. Weight gain and impaired concentration are some of the ill effects of poor sleep quality. If you plan to lose weight and is undergoing a diet program, you have to balance it with at least 7 hours of sleep per night. Here is an explanation of how sleep can help you lose weight.

1. night's sleep makes you relax and maintain normal body metabolism.

When your body is relaxed and metabolism running normally, you will digest food easily and will not feel hungry constantly. Lack of sleep will make you eat as many as you can and snacking during the hours that is not necessarily only going to help you gain weight. Go to bed early and wake up early is the best way to keep healthy body and keep your diet remains true.

2. Time to sleep too little can cause a spike in cortisol.

Cortisol spike will occur when your body is not getting enough sleep. This surge of cortisol will make you want to save energy, so that it appears feeling lazy to move that eventually will accumulate fat in the body. Quality night's sleep on the other hand will give you a shot of energy for tomorrow. The more energy burn, the more weight will drop.

3. Reduced production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin.

Your body also produces Ghrelin and leptin hormone that makes you want to eat again, again, and again when you lack sleep. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you want to eat a lot, but leptin is a hormone that gives a signal to the brain to stop eating when the stomach feel pretty.

Unfortunately, less sleeping time make leptin production declines, so the brain does not get a signal when to stop eating. Begin to sleep enough time, so that both of these hormones can perform its role to the fullest.