The unique facts of breakfast

According to recent data, breakfast menu sales is higher than the lunch and dinner. Retail fast food like McDonald plans to present a breakfast menu every time. Why did it happen? These are 5 interesting facts about breakfast:

Breakfast is the latest discovery

According to Abigail Carroll, food historian and author of Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal, breakfast concept never existed in America until the mid-1800s. In the 1600s, usually just a breakfast food leftovers, cheese, bread or seeds Rubus.

The early 1700s and 1800s, then people started adding meat and fish on their morning meal. "Meat became standard on the breakfast menu and indicates prosperity," said Carroll.

When people started to move to the city, they began to eat a lot. Digestive disorders even become major health problems because of the number of servings a great breakfast and a sedentary lifestyle. Dieticians like Sylvester Graham began to promote changes in the style of eating as a vegetarian and wheat consumption as a way to reduce the problem of indigestion earlier. After that, came the wheat flour known as "graham flour".

Other health experts, James Caleb Jackson, use graham flour to make breakfast cereals in 1863 called granules. A few years later, John Harvey Kellogg make their own breakfast cereal that is now known as the "Granola".

Yogurt for breakfast became a phenomenon in America

Some reports suggest the 1980s was the first time the yogurt into their breakfast menu choices for a low-fat diet enthusiast. The most famous is Greek yogurt. In 1998, the Greek yogurt company began exporting its products to the United States. According to data from the Food Navigator, in 2007, the number of Greek yogurt in the United States is less than 1%, but the sales were more highly than other yogurt-yogurt.

The most important meal of the day

In a study published in the journal Circulation, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health looked at data from 26 902 men and found that those who skip breakfast have a risk of dying of heart attacks by 27% higher than men who eat breakfast regularly. Researchers believe that those who skip breakfast tend to eat more at night, which can lead to changes in metabolism and heart disease.

Fiber and protein are important factors in breakfast

To get a lot of vitamins and minerals in the morning, the Mayo Clinic recommends a breakfast menu consisting of whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Consider also other foods such as oatmeal, eggs, or smoothies without sugar. A healthy breakfast makes us feel energized all day.

We can eat dessert with breakfast menu

Eating sugary foods in the morning is probably not a good choice for collecting energy. However, do not immediately eliminate all of them. Some studies suggest eating something sweet in the morning could decimate the desire to consume sweet foods again at a later time.

Studies in 2012 for example, the researchers found that those who eat a healthy breakfast and low in calories, and then coupled with desserts, managed to lose weight. They reportedly have fewer hunger all day. This does not mean we have to eat cake every breakfast, but in addition, sugary foods in the morning was not so bad either.

That 5 interesting facts about breakfast. Instead, we should not skip breakfast every day.