Pros and cons from Suspension TRX training

TRX is fun and the equipment is easy to install. But if you still have minimal experience and knowledge about sports techniques with Suspension TRX training, you can think twice before trying it yourself at home! To be more clear about TRX's own plus-minus sports at home, let's see the pros and cons points below!

TRX equipment can be brought to everywhere including when you are traveling though. You can install it by hooking it on the door of the hotel room and you can exercise as usual. Do not forget make sure the door is closed, yes!

Exercising alone at home with lightweight equipment is relatively safer than exercising with large and heavy equipment. In addition you can also be injured if you do the movement without supervised professional instructor

-Can train the whole body
For you who want to train the core strength of the body, balance, and build strong and flexible muscles, TRX really suited for you! With the help of this TRX-held strap, you can do a lot of moves that you can not do without help.

Once you buy TRX straps, you will be able to practice for free using TRX anytime, and for free, with a note as long as your TRX strap has not broken yet! Make no mistake, sporting with TRX with the right technique can give you results that can match the gym!

- Expensive
For your own workout at home, you will need a quality TRX Suspension Training rope and tools. For authentic and quality tools, the price can reach more than 1.5 million rupiah per appliance. You can get it at a cheaper price and quality is not good, but the level of strap voltage and security level is not comparable with the original.

- Injury
Like any sport, practicing with TRX itself can also make you more injured especially if done without supervised professional instructors. But specifically for the Suspension TRX training movement, the risk of injury can be higher along with the difficulty of your movement. And keep in mind, there are so many TRX moves that require you to put all your weight on this tense strap. Just imagine if this rope suddenly breaks or apart from the base. You can fall, sprain, muscle injury, and other risks! For TRX clipped over closed doors, you can also get hurt if the door is suddenly opened by someone else! So, you have to be extra careful!

How guys, already know pros and cons!, now set yourself yes! Happy exercising!