More about Bodyweight training, the core of Bodyweight Burn system

There are many paths we can choose to train strength and build muscle. Whether using equipment-such as barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, and fitness machines, or just body weight we called, bodyweight training, which is also the core of Bodyweight Burn program, there's nothing wrong with your choice.

With tools, we can easily increase the load as needed. But, when bodyweight exercise becomes your favorite, you have to be clever so that your body weight can provide the desired benefits.

Well, here are the things to keep in mind to maximize your bodyweight workout.

1. Accept That Strength That Is Relative

Different goals require different forms of exercise. Similarly, the type of force someone who practices to be able to perform a 200 Kg bench press is not the same as a person who chases 20 times a perfect one-arm push-up.

So if you're more interested in bodyweight exercises and want to develop strength from there, there's no need to compare yourself with a heavyweight lifter that can lift hundreds of pounds.

The type of force you train is to move your body freely, not to move heavy objects. If you want to shape this, you must be as serious as the lifter who raises his barbell every day.

2. Take advantage of the Law of Physics

Many are asking, how to increase resistance only with bodyweight? Unlike a barbell that can be fitted with plates, your body weight is indeed likely to remain. So you have to be creative!

For example, when your development gets stuck in a push-up exercise, the following three techniques can be tried:

    Elevate the foot position to put more weight into the hand.
    Lower the position of the hand closer to the waist and the more jauuh from the shoulder.
    Use a narrower hand position to move the load to smaller muscles like triceps.

You can add resistance to any part of the body by reducing the point of contact to the ground. One-arm push-ups and self-assisted one-arm push-up variations give you an amazing power boost. Similarly, movements such as single-leg squats, unilateral bridging, and one-arm pull-ups.

3. Focus on Precision

In weight training, we recognize forced rep to help with hypertrophy. An imperfect form of movement is declared to achieve optimal muscle development. But, another case with bodyweight exercise; You have to be precise.

For example, if you want a strong and powerful upper body, do pull-ups until the chin actually passes through the bar without utilizing foot jerks.

Make sure you move slowly, carefully, and controlled both in the concentric and eccentric phases of each rep. That is precision. Avoid short cuts like jolts and swings!

4. Appreciate Any Progress

In a progressive calisthenic strength exercise, you must exert your maximum effort through the most difficult movements by looking at the level of individual abilities you have.

For example, you'd better do 3-6 hanging straight-leg raise-assuming you can do it perfectly-than 20 hanging knee raise, if your goal is a perfect stomach shape.

Note the shape of your movement, because if the movement is not perfect, so does your progress. To achieve a real goal, you should be able to enjoy the journey to get there.

5. Do not be afraid of setbacks

In addition to progress, you will also be faced with setbacks. For example, if you have trouble making regular pushups, try raising your upper body to reduce the load. That way, you can get the precision expected.

This principle can be applied to almost any movement. For example, pull-ups can be replaced with bodyweight row / Australian pull-ups. If your ability is not yet possible to perform a movement, do not be ashamed to go back one step back.

6. Avoid Achieving Failure

Strength is different from size. To pursue size, practicing to achieve muscular failure is important. But, when strength is your focus. avoid it. It allows you to do more sets and moves.

7. Do not mind the Haters

In the midst of our struggle to reach the goal, there will always be haters who sneer what we do. In the fitness world, they are the people who feel the most know and denounce our movements.

No need to listen to what the word haters. Just do what you love. In the fitness world, every goal is a good goal, So keep the spirit!