How to build arm muscle without hitting the gym?

Having a strong and muscular arm is the dream of many people. Strong arm muscles will allow you to perform daily activities - even simple ones, such as grabbing objects on a high shelf, carrying groceries, holding a child, or transporting a basket of clothing. Behind a strong and muscular arm, it turns out our body involves the role of two muscles of the biceps and triceps. How to train it?
What are the moves that can be done to train biceps and triceps?

Set of exercises for biceps

This movement is done with a horizontal holding horizontal holding pose. Distance of right and left hand about 15 cm. Do hanging movements with your hands straight. Head straight ahead, then pull the hand up to lift the chin on the iron. Then straighten again like the initial pose.

Total Inverted Row

This movement still uses a horizontal transverse iron to hang. The difference from the previous movement in this movement using a towel as a handle. Hang 2 towels on the handle, then the right hand and left hand towel with hanging and hands straight. Once ready to hang up then pull the towel simultaneously until the hands bend like the picture below. After stopping the hand back straighten the hand to its original position, straight by hanging on the towel.

Dumbbell bicep curl

Hold the dumbbell on each hand. Straighten your hands down while holding a dumbbell. Next bend your hands by lifting the dumbbell upwards. Upper hand position do not move, only the movement of the lower hand moves up until the dumbbell is held equal to the shoulder. Then lower again slowly back to the original position.

Still using dumbbell on this technique. Unlike the previous technique, now the hands are bent one by one turns. Hold the dumbbell on each hand. Bend the left hand 90 degrees parallel to the waist. For the right hand straighten the hands down, then raise your right hand up to the left shoulder with the left hand position in buckling 90 degrees. Do alternate right and left hand. Remember, do not move the upper hand, only the movement of the lower hand and bend the elbow to move it.

Hammer Curls with Dumbbell

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, body position standing upright. Hold the dumbbell with the palm facing the thigh. Position of arms straight down. Dumbbell movement upwards parallel to the shoulders. The elbows do not move forward, stay beside the body. Just bend, without moving position. Right and left hand movements can be done together or alternately.

Set of exercises for triceps muscle

Tricep Dips

This movement does not require any tools except a chair. Sitting on a sturdy chair. Put both your palms on both sides of your waist and straighten your legs like the picture below.

Then slowly bend your elbows to 90 degrees while lowering your body toward the floor, then again pushing your body upward by pushing your arm to lift the body back to its original position. If still not strong enough to do this movement, your feet may be bent to help sustain your weight.

Close-Grip Push Up

This movement is done without any tools. First the initial attitude such as push-ups but the difference between the distance between the right and left hand is not over the shoulder, but in the shoulder. Head facing to the floor and hold your stomach. Start lowering your body by bending your elbows. And stop when your arm is parallel to the floor and then back to the starting position.

Seated Overhead Drumbell Extension

This technique uses dumbbells. Sit on a chair and lift the dumbbell over your head. Hold 1 dumbbell with both hands. Dumbbell movement down through the back of the head until the elbows bend. Then restore the hand position above the head holding the dumbbell. Variations can also be done by holding different dumbbells in the right and left hands and then move with the same motion.

Dumbbell kick backs or Triceps Kickback

This movement uses dumpbell. The position of the body like a half bent with the leg bent to form a dull angle. Bend both hands already holding the dumpbell parallel to the waist. Then the movement of both hands straight back to be above the hips. Then return the hand again parallel to the waist.

Raise your hands simultaneously on this movement if it is strong. If not, can be done one by one. With the position of the leg remains bent to form a dull angle and one foot forward. Suppose bending the legs and forward the right foot. Place the right hand on the forward thigh. While the left hand swing as usual straighten to the back until the dumbbell is above the hips.

Triceps Pushdown

For those of you who will do the exercises in the gym can use this way by using a cable machine. Stand upright in front of this machine, then hold the pulley. Pull the pulley from top to bottom until it touches the thigh. Make sure the condition of both elbows remain on the side of the body when the pulley is moved down.

Guide to start a set of biceps and tricep exercises

Before you start, choose 3 mixed moves from the above techniques according to your ability. Afterwards, do repetitions 8-12 times for each movement. Then do it in at least 2 sets, or as appropriate to prevent injury. Remember, do not force your body to exercise excessively just for the sake of having biceps and triceps that look dashing.