Boost your brainpower with the healthy activities

Brain power turned out to be weakened from years to years. To reduce it, there are some activities you can do.

You can do simple activities that make the brain's ability is increasing and more alert as you are aging.

What are those healthy activities?

Trying to get break to get a solution, but it has failed? Try to rest and focus on other things. If it still can not, try to breathe fresh air.

Eating dark chocolate
Instead of the usual chocolate you consume, try dark chocolate that contains flavonoids, it contains chemicals that can improve cognitive skills by creating new neurons in the brain. it Also can increase the ability to make memory and increases blood flow to the brain.

Seeing a good picture
An expert said that a good look at the picture, such as a cute baby or animal, can make sense of feel good and make you smile so that the brain' power is increased.

Chewing gum
Experts say, chewing gum not only helps reduce the formation of bacteria and increase of the jaw muscles, but it also makes you feel more alert. Mint flavored candy can reduce feelings of fatigue and improve memory.

learn to sing
Music has long been associated with a number of problems. Playing a musical instrument or singing can challenge the brain and deliver the improvements needed.

physical exercise
Doing cardio exercise can boost brainpower.

Playing video games
The study mentions, playing video games train your mind, improve memory, alertness and the ability to switch to other tasks more quickly.

Talk with others
According to research, when you isolate yourself, then you make yourself to experience a decline in mental function next few years. Humans have been equipped with a variety of communication skills, which need to be used. The more extensive social contact, the less you have experienced cognitive decline when aging.