Things you can do to keep your brain sharp

You often forget important things like going without a wallet or a cell phone? Or forget to take your change when shopping? Or worse, your husband or wife left home for granted, forgetting that you had to go alone with him?

Trust me, you're not alone. There are many people in this world who complain of premature senility, there is also a feeling of being senile with age continues to grow.

Institute of Medicine recent report, Cognitive Aging: Progress in Understanding and Opportunities for Action, the researchers analyzed factors that trigger a person difficult to focus or remember things.

According to research, the trigger is a lifestyle such as stress and lack of rest, and the age factor. Increasing age has unfavorable effects to ability to remember someone.

Although age can not be detained, setbacks degenerative brain capabilities can be postponed. To fight against the factors that cause dementia and slow down the negative effects of age on the brain works, you simply make a simple change to your daily life. For example:

1. Regular exercise

The researchers found that being physically active is the most important factor to keep the brain healthy. Regular exercise can increase gray cells in the brain that duty to accommodate and regulate one's memory. Exercise also can reduce stress, increase creativity and self-confidence.

2. Stop smoking

Smokers have a higher risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. Typically, stroke patients also suffer from memory loss and cognitive dysfunction, according to the Stroke Association.

3. Evaluate medications you're taking

Institute of Medicine report also mentioned that there are some medications that have negative effects on the brain, either when used as single agent or when combined with other medicine.

4. Active socially and intellectually

Harvard Medical School reported that social activities can improve mental performance and confidence.

Social interaction 'force' you to remember a lot of names of friends and stories about themselves each. This keeps your brain active. As a result, the brain stay sharp for a longer period.

5. get enough sleep

Lack of sleep may shrink your brain volume, while getting enough sleep can improve memory and concentration. A scientific study says, adults who get enough sleep proved to get mental abilities better than the lack of sleep.