Pure coffee is recommended & good for the brain

There are a lot of research that says coffee has a major contribution in terms of health. Such as, reducing the risk of Alzheimer's, prostate cancer, to diabetes type 2. However, not a few who say coffee with caffeine its nature is not good for the body, especially for heart health.

In fact, almost the majority of the population fond of coffee. our country as one of community that makes coffee producers make coffee concoction with a variety of flavors.
Generally, women do not like black coffee because it tastes bitter. They often add coffee with milk and sugar that taste delicious on the tongue.

Then, if the coffee is good for the body? And what kind of coffee is good for consumption?

Dr. Peter Ting said, with the right dose of coffee has a myriad of benefits. Even thought the coffee drinking has no negative effects on the heart.

"If taken to an appropriate size, coffee has many health advantages, especially in the brain," he said 

However, coffee , according to Dr. Peter can nourish the brain is pure coffee or black coffee. Coffee is drunk without sugar and milk mixture.

"The addition of sugar and milk in coffee could undo the positive effects of coffee. Even lead to unwanted health risks," he added.

Thus, the otherwise black coffee is good for the body when consumed unsweetened milk. Additionally, you should only sip coffee at least four to six cups a day. If consumption is more than that, the health benefits of coffee, nor would you get.