Metabolic Cooking Review - The Best Fat Loss Cookbook for Women

Metabolic Cooking
Well, after making quick review about "Anabolic Cooking", this time, i'm gonna show you the review about Metabolic Cooking. Who's behind the program??, does it work??, what's the difference between anabolic and Metabolic Cooking??. get the complete information in this review...

At first glance both product looks same. Unsurprisingly, this Metabolic Cooking comes from the same team behind Anabolic Cooking, Dave Ruel & Karine Losier. Even the site looks similar. ( if you have not read the review, you can find it here )

Unlike Dave Ruel's Anabolic Cooking, the Metabolic Cooking system guide, which is focusing from Karine's perspective, will show you the 250 best cooking recipes to help you burn fat for women.

About Karine Losier, the creator of this cookbook

In her official site, Karine calls herself as "Lean Kitchen Queen". Judging from her quality cookbook, She deserved to get that title.

Karine's concern about why some fat loss cookbooks are not effective??

Have you ever bought a cookbook that claims to burn the fat??, does it work like it promises??. If not, these are probably the reasons, according to Karine:
- wrong ingredients: the ingredients like sugar  or margarine shouldn't be included to your meal due to the calories it contains.
- complicated: a good cookbook should not be too complicated. It should be easy to follow. Of course, not everyone can cook well.
- lack of variety: imagine that if you eat the same type of meal over and over. Not just boring, it can also slower your body's metabolism.

So what can you inside the Metabolic Cooking??

The main menu is of course the 250 recipes to help you lose fat and get your ideal weight. This Metabolic Cooking is not just a cookbook, but it's more than that. Like how to make individualized Meal Plan, how to eat meal correctly so you can burn fat faster, organize your kitchen, the top cooking rule for burning the fat and more.

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