Eggs and other foods that can improve your concentration

image credit: by MARIE JEANNE Iliescu
Food could be why you often dispersed concentration. In fact, there are certain foods that actually make you easy lethargic after eating.

Foods rich in antioxidants and caffeine shown to increase the brain's ability to concentrate. So, if you often lose concentration, start eating some of these foods.

1. Coffee
Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is useful in increasing blood oxygen levels and makes you more alert so that it will remain focused.

2. Eggs
The compound is present in eggs called choline is responsible for increasing concentration. But, try to eat boiled eggs instead of fried. Therefore, fried eggs have more calories.

3. Dark chocolate
Magnesium and caffeine in dark chocolate can improve focus and concentration. So that your performance will be more productive.

4. Pistachios
According to recent research, walnuts can improve concentration. Vitamins and minerals are present in walnuts has the ability to improve memory and concentration in the brain.

5. Bananas
Bananas also helps to improve concentration because it is rich in potassium and essential minerals that keep the brain and nervous system remain intact.

6. Green tea
Studies show that green tea also improve mood and concentration. Just grab a cup of green tea every day for that increase your concentration. In addition, green tea has many health benefits, especially for overall health.