Drawing objects gives you more benefits to brain than writing

The human brain has amazing strength, at the same complex. Some even say that the ability of the human brain is bigger than a computer.

However, each case has its weaknesses, and in the brain it is the capacity to store the memory.

One way to increase the memory capacity of the brain, according to one study, is by drawing.

Researchers have compared several strategies to improve memory, and drawing is always at the top.

"The benefit is more pronounced because the draw made us create a more integrated memory resulting in visual, motor and semantic information," says lead investigator Jeffrey Wammes.

For example, when we want to draw an apple, then we must remember the shape, even the taste of the apple.

Previous research has, to say the words in a loud voice can also improve memory. Even so, the strategy can not be used in the learning environment.

In some trials it is known that drawing an object more useful than write or pronounce certain words, in terms of improving memory.

However, in the study revealed that the drawing is considered effective for single words and simple. Not yet known whether this strategy can be used on multiple types of information at once.