What is your goal when doing exercise??

If the reason of your training is to lose weight, we might wonder what kind of exercise gives the best results: whether the exercise for endurance like distance running or weight training?

A recent study in the journal Applied Physiology found that a diet combined with calorie reduction, the type of exercise is not a factor that is important when one wants to lose weight.

At the study selected 96 obese men and women to participate in a 22 week supervised program. Study participants were randomized into four different groups,: group strength training did circuit training routine, group exercise endurance doing cardio exercises, group combination of strength and endurance training do a combination of cardio and circuit and a control group were asked to exercise at least 200 to 300 minutes a week as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. Sports recommendation it be walking or gardening at home.

All group exercise three times a week and follow a calorie reduction diet designed for a calorie deficit for the sake of weight loss. It turns out in the end of the program all the groups experienced weight loss. There is a significant decrease in body weight in all groups.

Results of this study concluded that the most effective way to slim down is to reduce caloric intake while increasing activity levels. For example, to run on a regular basis we have a fairly high physical activity. Combined with calorie reduction diet, exercise will run more effectively to make the body slim.