Burn extra calories by walking

Walking is a good way to burn extra calories. But we can also reproduce calorie burning by way of making a variation of speed of foot steps.

The research team from Ohio State University points out, change the speed steps can increase calorie burning up to 20 percent.

Most research is indeed only done on sports walk away with constant speed. "Measuring the value of metabolic change of speed is very important because most people do not run at the same speed as well as wearing the treadmil," said Manoj Srinivasan, researcher.

Walking is indeed often underestimated in its ability to burn calories. But if done regularly and do variations in speed step, resulting to burning the calories.

"Walk in any speed requires energy, but when we change its velocity, energy burned," he said.

One of the ways to change the speed is running in longer distances. Generally we will run slow or speed is stable if the distance is short, while that for a distance far enough we will run quickly.

In addition, walked by carrying a bag back or with a load on the foot can also increase the speed. Walk a few steps, stop, then walk again. As a variation, don't run in a straight line.