9 Methods to revive your energy again

Sweet food may give additional energy quickly. But after the effect runs out, you feel like the energy is drained and you feel more tired than before.

To overcome all that, all you need is a solution of energy lasting 9 methods that make you excited and refreshed from the inside, as shown below.

1. Breakfast

People who never skip breakfast, is reported to have more energy which is more durable, compared to people who often skip breakfast.

Foods high in fiber such as a plate of oatmeal with fruit pieces will keep you full longer. Hunger that comes before lunch time will dim your energy. Breakfast high in fiber can prevent it.

2. Yoga

Several scientific studies find that yoga with a variety of movements and breathing it, is a powerful weapon against fatigue.

3. Singing

By singing your favorite songs can repair mood, give rise to feelings of happiness, reduce stress and thus automatically make you excited. According to a study from University of Misouri.

4. Enough drinking

Dehydration can make your body tired, because there is not enough fuel for energy metabolism. 

 Raise your glass and sips of water every few hours. Feel the truth that water is the source of energy of all living beings.

5. Eat nuts

When you feel lethargic, eat a handful of nuts such as almonds and cashews that are loaded magnesium and folic acid. Two of these vital nutrients for energy and cell production.

6. Move

Sport is a natural energy generation. When exercising, your lungs inhaling more oxygen which is then circulated by the blood throughout the body. As a result, you feel more refreshed like just feel the fresh aroma of the mountains.

If you do not have 30 minutes a day, 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise each day is enough to make you feel fitter.

7. Sunlight

Let the sun come in and envelop yourself. Research says, a few minutes' walk in the sun in the morning will improve mood, memory, ability to absorb information and self-confidence.

8. Eat

Your brain needs fuel in order to work properly. When your blood sugar drops, the brain will weaken. So, if you feel your body is feeling weak and dizzy as a result have not had time to eat, just leave whatever you are doing and eat.

Choose foods high in protein and fiber, low in fat and sugar to make energy that you eat can last longer.

9. Meet your friends

Go out with friends can evoke positive emotions and energy in a short time. In fact, the new plan for going alone, you would have been able to feel the spirit of passionate because it will meet with the friends you like, which is a good source of your happiness.