Things that can break your concentration

Poor concentration can interfere with information processing in the brain so that we become easy to forget. Decreasing the concentration is often caused by habits that we do. Anything that can make us not focus?

1. Social media
Even if you do not suffer from attention problems (ADHD), the modern world is filled with things that kill concentration. According to Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD. she said, social media is one of the main causes us to lose focus on the job. Any change of status or comments can make immediate attention diverted.

Solution: Resist the urge to get in (login) into social networking sites when you're doing the work. You can satisfy the curiosity of the current status of your friends when the lunch break. If you still can not help myself, look for places where you could not accessing the Internet, or leave it in a drawer before your smartphone.

2. "E-mail"
Although most e-mail included in your inbox associated with employment matters, it is still counted as a distraction from what you are doing. Moreover, usually e-mail us to respond to demands speed.

Solution: Avoid checking your inbox every moment. Set the time at regular intervals, for example every 30 minutes to do so. Outside working hours, maybe you can turn off a short e-mail in a laptop or smartphone.

3. Do some homework
If you consider yourself as an expert in multitasking or doing several jobs at once, you will probably find more time saved. In fact, according to experts, in fact we would be more efficient to do the work through to completion before moving on to other tasks. Working on several tasks at once will make the concentration split.

Solution: If possible, do the job to finish before starting another task, especially if you're working on a task that has a high priority. Perform this multitasking way for low-priority jobs.

4. Boredom
Working routine tasks would quickly lead to boredom so we were easily distracted on other things, such as the internet or mobile phones.

Solution: No harm to reward ourselves after we are able to focus on the job within a certain period. For example, a cup of coffee after 2 hours of completing a report.

5. Fatigue
Anyone would be hard to concentrate when the body suffered fatigue. Research has shown that lack of sleep often makes us focus, even short-term memory loss.

Solution: The adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Therefore, make sleep a priority when you are on the end of the day.