Stay healthy when you are in office

Sitting for long hours behind a desk every day not only makes the muscles stiff, but also the health of the body eventually disrupted. One short-term effects of prolonged sitting habits is a problem in the spine. Here are tips to maintain healthy behind your desk.

1. The computer monitor at eye level

The layout of a computer screen on your desk should not be too low. Doctor Jim Sheedy, director of the Vision Performance Institute at the University of the Pacific say, your eyes should be level with the screen.

He explained that if when using a computer or a laptop that is located lower than eye to the future, then the automatic head position will be slightly bent. This could become a habit because it is done almost every day. Consequently, neck and back became ill.

2. Pull the chin parallel to the chest

Some people have to move the neck and head forward to see clearly into the computer screen. Though this practice can make the neck and spine became tense.

Chiropractic doctor from Portland, James Bowman said, to reduce the strain on the neck muscles, pull your chin up parallel to your chest.

3. Use the desk stand

Some companies are now beginning to use the desk stand to employees. Based on research from the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, working desk stand can replace 25 percent of the time sitting at work. Posture will be better.

Working while standing is considered more healthy and make a person does not feel fatigue, and reduce appetite. Work table adjustable height can be used while sitting or standing by simply pressing a button.

4. Work with a treadmill

Spend hours to sit is a portrait of everyday modern workers. To keep employees healthy, some offices also chose to use a treadmill desk or work table that can be used at the same treadmill.

Based on the results of the National Institutes of Health study, treadmill desks could help workers burn 100 calories per hour. The point is, do not allow yourself to just sit behind a desk for hours.

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