Cardio is good to help you burn fat

The first thing you should know, doing weight training will not make your body shape like Hulk, a muscular superhero.

In fact, weight training makes the body leaner and stronger. There are two reasons why weight training should be included in the exercise program if you're looking to lose weight.

1. Weight loss faster
Who does not want to lose weight as efficiently as possible? Fitness trainer and also healthy food chef Katy Clark recommends weight training.

Weight training will help us build muscle and more muscle means metabolism body faster. Therefore maximize the body's ability to burn fat by exercising the muscles through weight training.

"If you wear a weight of 2 kg or 5 kg, and still feel tired in 10 reps, then you need a heavier burden anymore. If you consistently do it, you will see the difference in muscle mass and strength," said Clark.

2. Shaping the body
Cardio exercise may help trim the excess weight, but exercise that will make the body look more robust and shaped. If we just do cardio, body shape will not change, it just looks smaller. In contrast, weight training will form the body, especially in the hard part.

Start weight training gradually from the lightest. Do it directly with the heavy burden of risk of injury which eventually will make all efforts weight loss so in vain.