What is heatstroke and its symptoms?

The weather is very hot and it can cause problems for anyone who works outdoors. When the heat, your body will expend a lot of sweat and the heart beats faster. If it is so you need to be careful, because you may be experiencing heat exhaustion condition.

Heat exhaustion can also be compounded if coupled with high temperatures and humidity strenuous physical activity. Without proper treatment, the condition of heat exhaustion can progress to heatstroke-a medical condition that can be fatal.

In hot weather, your body will cool off, especially with sweat. However, when you exercise or strenuous activities when the weather is too hot, your body becomes less able to cool itself.

As a result, the body might start to cramp-the mildest form of health problems because of the heat.

Resultant Fatigue symptoms for Heat

Signs and symptoms of this condition may be felt abruptly or after a while you move in the hot weather. Some of them are:

    The skin feels cold, damp, and creeps
    over sweating
    Dizziness to fainting
    The pulse is rapid but weak
    Low blood pressure when standing
    Muscle cramp

If you are already feeling the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion conditions, it is better to stop any current activity and rest in a cool place. To replace lost body fluids, drink cold water or isotonic drinks.

We recommend that you consult a doctor if the symptoms are even more severe or do not improve within 1 hour.

What is it to heatstroke?

Heatstroke is a condition in which the body temperature reaches 40 ° C or more. When the condition of heat exhaustion is not getting proper treatment, then the condition can escalate into heatstroke.

When experienced, you will stop sweating and the skin becomes hot, red and dry. You may feel confused and disoriented (lost the ability to recognize the direction and the surrounding environment).

Other signs and symptoms of heatstroke is fast and short of breath, rapid heart rate, headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue. Because it can be fatal, the condition of heatstroke should be handled by a doctor.

Causes of Fatigue due to heat addition to weather factors and Physical Activity

    Dehydration, a condition that reduces the body's ability to sweat and maintain core body temperature.
    Alcohol consumption, which can affect the body's ability to regulate body temperature.
    Too Thick clothes, especially the kind of clothes that do not / less able to absorb perspiration.

When the weather is at its hottest, best to avoid strenuous outdoor activity to prevent heat exhaustion. However, if you really have to work out, it might be worthwhile to frequently take shelter and rest.

The strong relationship between happiness with your health

In recent years these doctors, psychologists, and even economists began interested in studying the relationship between happiness with health. These studies also indicate that happiness is very influential in our lives.

Happiness and health lately more often associated with each other. Sentences such as "joyful heart is useful as a healer" you've probably heard everywhere. Although this view is still widely seen as a mere assumption, but recently have studies actually prove it.

Psychologists investigate the factors that contribute to emotional resilience, happiness, and health. Knowledge of these things can help you to live healthier, more meaningful, and reduce stress

"The experience that evokes positive emotions can quickly get rid of negative emotions that are being felt. It is used to fight against the feelings of the poor and psychological disorders, and may be the key to building emotional resilience. Therapeutic treatment is good not only aims to cure the disease, but also help patients identify and build strength and kindness they have. "

Martin Seligman, a pioneer of the field of Positive Psychology

The view that happiness and health is strongly associated with each other continue to be evidenced through the many fields of research. Here are some important research to support that view:

• Happiness and Longevity-A study involving nuns were able to demonstrate the health benefits that come from positive emotions. In a study of the life and death of the nuns obtained clues about their emotional state. The researchers were able to obtain important discoveries about happiness and health-positive emotions associated with longevity.

About 90 percent of the most cheerful nuns can live up to 85 years of age, while only 34 percent of the least cheerful nuns who were able to live up to that age. In fact, 54 percent of the most cheerful nuns who were still alive at the age of 94 years. Compare with them the least cheery only 11 percent were still alive at that age.

• Happiness and Marital-Positive emotions also often related with the satisfaction of a marriage. In a another study, the researchers were able to learn the joy of a smile on her picture in the yearbook and predict which ones are likely to be married, be faithful in marriage, and satisfied in marriage for 35 years.

Again, most cheerful group of women was the one who entered into the prediction. Equally striking from this study is that having a healthy relationship with regard to strong immunity, and thus the level of overall body health will continue to climb.

• Happiness and Optimism-Researchers also found that optimistic people live longer. Optimism in contrast to positive emotions, although both are interrelated. Not only makes you a cheerful, but optimistic attitude can make you see the world in a different way.

When happy events occur in your life, this influence on the mind as if every slightest positive events as a sign that there will be a next positive events that will happen. This optimistic viewpoint allows you to have the feeling of "I can control it" in almost every incident of life, and generate positive behaviors to health, even produce longevity.

A study found that optimistic people on average have longer life span as much as 19 percent. Clearly, happiness and health associated with the optimistic attitude in life.

• Happiness and Health-A researcher in the field of happiness, Robert Holden found that some 65 to 100 people will choose happiness than choosing health, but both of these are very much appreciated.

Luckily, you do not have to choose between healthy or would want to be happy. Happiness and health like a best friend who always existed side by side. Holden confirms this by saying, "There is no true health without happiness."

Aside from earlier studies, there is also evidence to suggest that unhappiness, depression, anxiety, and stress-related with poor health. Such negative emotions, especially if persistent lasted a long time, can dampen the immune and exacerbate inflammation in the body, causing many diseases and health problems.

Can happiness be improved? The report says that people who were able to perform the duties of religious or spiritual needs will be much happier. Another way to increase happiness is by expressing thanks or gratitude.

In addition, applying the principle of gold "happier to give than receive" is obviously very helpful. Do an act of kindness to anyone there is every chance that you can feel happy to give.

From the studies discussed in the section "Happiness and Marriage" mentioned that your relationships also affect happiness. It is known that people often get along and discuss things in with friends or family be happier. Therefore, intimate relationship with another person is essential to happiness.

It is clear that happiness is very influential on how healthy your body condition. Therefore, if you want to live a healthy life constantly, that means you also have to try to live happier. Because happiness and health are closely intertwined with each other.

The benefits of tofu you probably don't know

There are a variety of content of tofu for the health benefits. Tofu is a kind of food made from processed soybeans and became one of the mainstays to improve nutrition because they know contain vegetable protein is very good for health.

Perhaps the nutrient content owned by tofu still less than the animal foods such as eggs, meat and fish. But the idea could be that animal foods because the price is cheaper than animal foods.

Various nutrient content are owned by out like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, calories, content of phosphorus and some B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin E, potassium and calcium can help the formation of the bones. The most important of know that tofu contains unsaturated fatty acids by 80% so it does not contain cholesterol and these foods are healthy foods to prevent heart disease.

Perhaps the widespread community of tofu known as the food village is not classy, ​​but rather food like this is supposed to be much we consume because it can provide a positive impact on the health of the body. For people who underestimate tofu, the following will be described one by one about the benefits of the idea that we hardly know.

Benefits of tofu for Healthy Body

    Curing Diabetes

    Diabetes is a disease caused by increased blood sugar levels in the body so that the immune system becomes impaired. To be able to prevent and treat diabetes can be done naturally one of them to increase the consumption out.  the protein content in tofu is good for lowering blood sugar levels can reduce the risk of diabetes.

    preventing Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis or bone loss often experienced by most people, especially for those who are elderly. For it so that you avoid osteoporosis, consume foods that contain lots of protein such as milk and tofu. Know the types of plant foods that contain lots of protein and a good source of calcium may reduce the risk of osteoporosis or rather minimize the things that can result from the disease.

    Lose weight

    For those who are undergoing the process may be confused diet foods such as what can be consumed. To help your diet program run smoothly and produce satisfactory results, know could be one of the mainstays of your daily menu. Based on research conducted says that eating out regularly can lose weight. For that consume out regularly, besides cost also know to have great benefits for weight loss.

    Lowering High Cholesterol

    Consuming out can be a solution to replace the animal protein intake may be more costly. Processed soy can reduce the intake of cholesterol and saturated fats that can lead to increased cholesterol levels in the body and indirectly, by eating out can lower cholesterol and help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

    Increase Energy Production

    To be able to do better every day activities with the necessary nutrition to regenerate energy and one of the foods that have these nutrients are out. Tofu can be a source of iron that can provide 30% of the recommended daily requirement for iron in 100 grams. Iron content contained in tofu can be used as part of hemoglobin that will help the process  and release oxygen so that the production of energy increased.

Similarly, some information about the content and benefits to know what you can say. You can use the tofu to be made into various types of processed side dishes such as stir know, sauteed tofu, or can be fried with soy sauce, giving rise to a distinctive taste and delicious eaten.

This is why recommended to drink milk before sleeping

Some people believe about the benefits of drinking milk before bed so that it continues to apply it to an adult, even to their children as well. Although actually still required a review of whether the milk was instrumental cause drowsiness.

Hungry stomach is one reason people can not get to sleep, as well as if too full can cause the same thing. Therefore, milk is considered to be the right drink to make the stomach feel comfortable at the same time allows a person to sleep.

Tritopan in Milk Make Drowsiness?
Milk may contain amino acids tritopan. According to the study, this amino acid helps the milk lovers to sleep easier. Tritopan is one of the elements used in the brain to produce melatonin and serotonin, as well as making a person feel relaxed in preparation for sleep. Melatonin instrumental in helping humans to sleep and wake up regularly. But as you age, experience decreased melatonin production. This condition can also cause insomnia in the elderly. As a supplement, melatonin is produced to help deal with insomnia.

The body has a natural cycle in the body that regulates the body to wake up and sleep every day, as well as to determine how much the production of melatonin produced by the body. Melatonin levels generally increased mid-afternoon until night, then in the morning would be significantly reduced.

Side by side with melatonin, tritopan producing serotonin that helps maintain one's mood, help people feel calm, relaxed, and trigger drowsiness. Tritopan contained in a number of food sources of protein and vegetables, and milk, but in very small levels.

Therefore it does not mean that eating just a glass of milk can increase levels tritopan in the body that cause drowsiness. Tritopan levels contained in a cup of milk to drink is not enough to make a person fall asleep. So that there is no strong evidence that confirms that triptopan in milk before bedtime can trigger drowsiness. However, you can try to combine snack containing triptopan with fewer carbohydrates, because insulin is released the body to facilitate the entry of tryptophan into the brain. This method may be effective for you.

Many people who love chocolate milk as a drink before bed. Yet these drinks actually contain caffeine and theobromine, called xanthine, which is precisely the body stimulant to stay awake. If that many feel helped facilitate sleep, it can be a psychological effect alone that warm milk into a source of relaxation that makes us feel calmer, as can be felt back a childhood memory soothing.

Milk Before Bed in Toddlers

Besides not been shown to cause drowsiness, especially in infants and toddlers, feeding before sleep could require special attention to avoid certain risks.

    Make sure the baby in a sitting position or propped up in a sling when consuming milk from a bottle. Consuming milk bottles in a sleeping position causes the risk of ear infections.
    Should continue to hold a baby bottle as long as he was drinking, and avoid leaving the bottle alone to avoid the risk of choking.
    Let the baby bottles remain in the mouth as long as he slept at risk of tooth decay. At night time, the riskiest tooth cavities because less saliva in the mouth to protect these teeth.
    To reduce the risk of cavities, after drinking milk, you should clean your baby's teeth before he sleeps. Also, avoid adding extra sugar or chocolate into the milk.
    Providing milk in each bottle before bed makes it risky not learn to sleep by itself. If more than 6 months of age, start reducing feeding at night so sleep habits are associated with milk can be lost.
    Breastfeeding for infants and toddlers under 2 years is a liquid more easily digested than formula. The study found that the sleep patterns in infants who are breastfed are more efficient than formula-fed.
    As you age, you should start to reduce the volume and frequency of children drink milk at night. Instead, give him the best mineral water as the liquid to close the day.

In addition, there are many natural ways more to help facilitate sleep, good for kids to senior citizens, among others regulate the temperature of the bedroom that is not too hot or too cold, turned off lights or using a bed lamp dimmer, reading stories to children, listen soothing music, or put the aromatherapy candles to make the body more relaxed.

The Fat Loss Code Review: Your Secret To Permanent Fat Loss

The Fat Loss Code
I'm aware that you've seen a lot of online fat loss program, so what makes The Fat Loss Code different from the program i've reviewed before like the beta switch or 3 week diet system??, keep on reading.

The Fat Loss Code relies on your body's metabolism and how your body has ability to burn the fat by itself, sounds great right??, but let's hope that it's not a gimmick. Fortunately, if you know the right training and the right foods, you can achieve the ability that i mention above.

The creator of this program,  Shawn Stevenson, in his official site promised that you can lose the weight in 6 weeks with the help of his Fat Loss Code system.

well here are the details from the program that you can find through his site:

#Week 1
You need to know about your metabolism and how it works, and yes, the key of your metabolism health is the hormones.

#Week 2
Introduction to the basic and why your body stores fat, and other reasons that can make your body get unwanted weight.

#Week 3
There is a reason why most people fail in their diet. The problem is of course they don't know the right strategy. Instead, shawn recommends you to do diet smarter way.

#Week 4
You need to enjoy your meals and leave your diet if it continuously makes bad effect to the body.

#Week 5
Exercise is of course the key to burn the fat and lose the weight. The problem is, most tend to measure the exercise from the quantity, not the quality.

#Week 6
This week is crucial, cause you need to keep your training results.

Thanks for reading this quick review, and i promise that i will complete this article later.