Beware of high levels of sugars in your Smoothies drink

Smoothies are a fruit-based drink mixed with milk or yogurt. Current dietary trends make smoothies popular as drinks that are said to be able to help you lose weight.

But nutritionist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Sarah B. Krieger, mention the healthy benefits of smoothies can make people misunderstand. The reason though healthy, smoothies is not recommended to drink a lot because of high levels of sugar.

"It's true that fruit-based smoothies, but people tend to consume more in large glasses, with the size of 600-700 cc.This can cause blood sugar to rise suddenly, which is certainly harmful to the body," said Sarah, quoted by the NY Times.

Sarah explained, the sugar content in smoothies more quickly absorbed by the body than the natural sugar in whole fruit. In whole fruit, high fiber content serves as a net or a net that makes the body convert sugar into blood sugar slowly.

Well, the smoothies, fiber content has been reduced far and lost due to the blender process. Therefore, the sugar will be more quickly absorbed by the body, which is at risk of causing hyperglycemia.

"Because the sugar content is high and more easily absorbed, you will feel faster thirst and hunger than when you eat whole fruits and vegetables," said Sarah again.

Noteworthy is the source of smoothies. If you make it yourself at home, make sure the materials used are safe and not too much portion.

But if the smoothies you drink are bought out, you should be careful. Sarah says smoothies bought in supermarkets or softies in packs contain high artificial sweeteners, protein powders, and other high-calorie ingredients.

"Just because a piece of green vegetable does not make things healthier, there's a clear distinction between smoothies and milkshakes," she said.

The Body Transformation Blueprint Review: Burn Fat & Build Your Dream Body

The Body Transformation Blueprint
Obviously, when you wanna join a bodybuilding program, especially from online, you want to see the person behind that program. Well, in this case, you need to know more about the man behind The Body Transformation Blueprint program, Sean Nalewanyj (his last name is kinda hard to pronounce to be honest) .

If you see his great looking muscle and body, we might wonder his hard journey to achieve his ideal body, and how he transformed his skinny & weak body to his state that every man wants to achieve. (though some of you might find if his body is too muscular and bulky)

Fortunately, like i said before, Sean uses safe and scientific methods to build his muscle and body. Like we all know, some bodybuilders sometimes use steroids or certain pills to boost their muscle. Yes you're not gonna find this practice or behavior is his program.

This program is designed for both men and women, but of course, there are some training which are not ideal women to follow. Furthermore, Sean completes his program with recommended menu and meals, which are important to feed the both body and muscles.

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Boost your brainpower with the healthy activities

Brain power turned out to be weakened from years to years. To reduce it, there are some activities you can do.

You can do simple activities that make the brain's ability is increasing and more alert as you are aging.

What are those healthy activities?

Trying to get break to get a solution, but it has failed? Try to rest and focus on other things. If it still can not, try to breathe fresh air.

Eating dark chocolate
Instead of the usual chocolate you consume, try dark chocolate that contains flavonoids, it contains chemicals that can improve cognitive skills by creating new neurons in the brain. it Also can increase the ability to make memory and increases blood flow to the brain.

Seeing a good picture
An expert said that a good look at the picture, such as a cute baby or animal, can make sense of feel good and make you smile so that the brain' power is increased.

Chewing gum
Experts say, chewing gum not only helps reduce the formation of bacteria and increase of the jaw muscles, but it also makes you feel more alert. Mint flavored candy can reduce feelings of fatigue and improve memory.

learn to sing
Music has long been associated with a number of problems. Playing a musical instrument or singing can challenge the brain and deliver the improvements needed.

physical exercise
Doing cardio exercise can boost brainpower.

Playing video games
The study mentions, playing video games train your mind, improve memory, alertness and the ability to switch to other tasks more quickly.

Talk with others
According to research, when you isolate yourself, then you make yourself to experience a decline in mental function next few years. Humans have been equipped with a variety of communication skills, which need to be used. The more extensive social contact, the less you have experienced cognitive decline when aging.

Stress can trigger more health problems for you

Symptoms of stress can appear differently on each person. Not only in terms of emotional symptoms of stress also can trigger a variety of health problems in the body.

You could say, stress is a part that can not be separated from life. There are a variety of stressors, ranging from body, mind, and environment around.

Body's Natural Reaction
Stress is actually the body's natural reaction in the face of certain changes or events. Stress the positive beneficial because it makes someone alert to avoid danger, but also can be negative if the stress lasts protracted.

Symptoms of stress can affect various aspects, including emotion, behavior, ability to think, even health conditions. The whole body susceptible to the effects of stress. Symptoms of stress more dangerous if people choose unhealthy ways to cope, such as utilizing alcoholism, smoking, or drugs.

Each person may experience symptoms differently. Starting from anxiety, frustration, mood change, feeling out of control, it is difficult to feel relaxed, loneliness, reduced self-esteem, feeling worthless, to depression. Symptoms of stress can also be action to withdraw from others or social environment.

In addition, please note that the level of stress felt by each person is different, depending on each individual. Some of the factors that affect such a relationship with another person, the amount of responsibility, traumatic events, the support it receives, and others.
triggering Disease
Symptoms of stress also can trigger health problems although often unnoticed. Here are some types of diseases associated with stress:

    muscles tense

The body that stress the muscles tighten and was able to return relaxed when the stress subsides. It is the body's natural way to protect yourself from pain and injury. Stress that occurs continually and in the long term can lead to illnesses such as headaches and migraines caused by tension in the muscles around the head, neck and shoulders.

    Hair loss

Symptoms of stress can increase the speed to more hair loss than normal. When the normal condition of hair loss around 100 strands per day, in times of stress loss can reach half or three-quarters of the total hair. Hair loss will appear several weeks or even months after the stress appears and improved 6-8 months thereafter.

    Skin disease

Symptoms of stress are known to aggravate sensitive skin and skin disorders are already there. For example, acne, psoriasis, rosacea and others.


The more severe symptoms of perceived stress, research shows the more often the possibility of someone being forgetful. In fact, stress that only happens a few times, can affect communication between brain cells and memory to store information.

     Respiratory disorders

Stress can make it difficult to breathe, this condition is very dangerous for people with asthma or lung disorders. Conversely, stress can also make breathing heavily, in people who are prone to panic attacks.

    Eating disorders and digestive

Changes in eating patterns occur in some people who feel stress, some choose to consume more food than usual. Instead, there were choosing to eat less. It can trigger discomfort in the stomach, and even vomiting. In addition, stress can affect digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body, which can cause diarrhea or constipation.

    Heart disease and high blood pressure

Stress happens in the short term, such as congestion or before the deadline of a job, will increase your heart rate and contraction of the heart muscle becomes stronger. If the stress is continuous, it is likely to increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, or heart attack.
It is inevitable, stress is part of life. It's just important to recognize the symptoms of stress in order to prevent the effects of excessive stress and manage stress better. Consult a psychologist to treat symptoms of perceived stress.

The healthy methods to gain ideal body weight

Many people who want to have a healthy body fat, but unfortunately had a body fat for most people is not as easy as imagined. Even some of them are very hard to get the body fat, even though they did eat that much. According to health experts such things could be due to several factors, it could be due to genes or organ function factor less than the maximum in producing and absorbing energy in the body.

So how to get a healthy body fat? If the bony factor not because of genes, then for fattening program will be easier. But that does not mean thin because of genes or heredity can not be fat well, they get fat just have to work harder.

Here are tips on healthy fat fast without dangerous methods, if you can do it regularly you can get weight gain of no more than one month. But remember, be consistent well.

1. Add a portion of your meal

To get the body fat, you certainly have to increase the portion of your meal. But here not just increase the portion of the meal, there are a few things to note. The first one that you add is food that contains protein and good nutrition. So instead of adding foods that are not good for the body well, like junk food.

In addition, increase the portion of food does not mean you can eat all the food. Of course there are a normal portion, because to get a healthy body fat is certainly not to eat greedy right? Later, instead of getting a healthy body fat, instead of getting diseases caused by voracious. So, increase your menu in reasonable portions.

2. Schedule meal plus

In addition to adding food portions, quick tips then fat is to add to your meal schedule. The best meal schedule for the program is to gain weight, morning breakfast with food that is not so heavy but well nourished, are like two scrambled eggs, milk and bread. At nine in the morning you can eat as light as bread or wafer, at ten o'clock you can eat rice.

Furthermore, twelve o'clock you eat rice again, two in the afternoon you can snack chips or banana chips, three o'clock you can eat rice again, at six o'clock to eat fruits and drink milk, and as cover eight o'clock at night you eat rice again , If you are overfed with that schedule, do the eating schedule with a gradual increase.

3. Add your nutritional needs by drinking milk or supplements

Nutritional needs on a person's body is different, it could be one person with enough staple foods nutritional needs are met. But there is also a need for supplements or milk with high nutritional content to meet their nutritional needs. Well, so you have a healthy body fat, you can increase your nutrient intake by drinking milk or supplements.

Choose milk with a fat content is high enough, or with a higher nutritional value compared to other types of milk. In addition you can also consume eggs as fulfilling the body's protein needs that will increase your muscle mass. That's why bodybuilders will routinely consume eggs and milk.

4. Drink plenty of water

Nearly 75% of our body is filled with water, the water is very important and much needed body. Besides as provider of fluid in the body, water is also needed for food digestion process into energy in the body. So that the food can be processed into energy to the maximum, try to drink water that is sufficiently well.

5. Sports and avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits

Sport is very helpful in the process of raising your weight. When we exercise, the body will be maximal transform nutrients into energy. In addition, exercise also will increase our muscle mass. So we would not skinny anymore dong. In addition to sports, you also need to avoid unhealthy lifestyle to raise your weight.

Healthy lifestyles as often staying up late, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and many thoughts or stress lightweight, will interfere with your weight raising program. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and positive-minded will help you gain weight quickly.

6. Snacking while sidelines between meals

As mentioned in the second point above, snacking on the sidelines of the meal schedule is very helpful to increase our weight. It is common knowledge, if snacking can gain weight quickly. Some snacks are able to gain weight quickly include cassava chips, potato chips, and banana chips, wafers, or snack containing cheese are also good to raise our weight.