Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland (pituitary) in the brain that plays a role to regulate height growth and helps the formation of muscles and bones.

Growth hormone levels will naturally experience up and down each day. This fluctuation is influenced by the physical activity that a person does. For example, levels of growth hormone will increase when you are diligent exercise.

Benefits of Growth Hormone
Children and adolescents need sufficient growth hormone intake to get bone formation until adulthood is as good as possible. Growth hormone, or growth hormone, helps the liver work in producing growth-promoting substances, such as IGF-1. Together with other support substances, IGF-1 contributes to bone growth. In addition, growth hormone has a number of other contributions to human health in general, among them is to maintain heart health, regulate the metabolism of sugar and fat, and regulate body composition. The body composition in this case includes muscles, body fluids, and bones.

Synthetic / artificial growth hormone

Besides being produced naturally in the pituitary gland, growth hormone is made in synthetic form. Synthetic growth hormone developed since 1985 and is now sold freely, although its use is still devoted to certain cases. Synthetic growth hormone is often injected to a child who is experiencing stunted growth as a result of a medical condition or as short as having a shorter stature than an unknown average height. This condition is called dwarfism.

Synthetic growth hormone is also given to deal with the problem of height / length due to:

    Chronic kidney disease
    Growth hormone deficiency
    The baby is born small for the size of pregnancy should be.
    Turner syndrome in girls and genetic disorders resulting from Prader-Willi syndrome.

Deficiency and Excess Hormone Growth
Deficiency or growth hormone deficiency commonly occurs in children with cleft lip. Another possible cause is the presence of tumors around the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, children or adults who have a history of serious head injury, or are exposed to excessive radiation while undergoing a treatment.

Growth hormone deficiency can lead to inhibition of growth processes in both children and adults. Children diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency early can still be cured and grow well. However, if this condition is allowed, it can lead to delayed puberty and delayed development. To be sure, a child's height with growth hormone deficiency is ultimately below average.

Meanwhile, excess growth hormone can cause acromegaly, a disorder that causes excessive bone growth. This condition generally affects the face, hands, and legs and causes the skin to thicken, coarse, and hairy. Other complications of acromegaly disease are heart disease and high blood pressure.

Regardless of its benefits, the gift of synthetic growth hormone can still cause certain bad side effects to your health. Some of the side effects that arise are bone and joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. For that, consult a doctor before using synthetic growth hormone.
Exercise Benefits for Growing Growth Hormone
The low growth hormone causes a noticeable decrease in one's physical ability. But by exercising regularly, this physical capacity can be maintained and even improved.

For growth hormone deficiency at an early age or children, where this hormone is necessary for growth and development, treatment is through injection of synthetic growth hormone, which of course must be through the supervision of a doctor. Physical activity, like sports, is also very important to maximize their growth.

Meanwhile, the process of decreasing growth hormone in the elderly can be slowed by regular exercise and healthy diet, as well as to maintain the capacity of physical ability. Ways can be done for example by limiting the daily consumption of protein and do at least 30 minutes per day of mild exercise such as walking.

Another, additional weight training two to three times a week can also help build muscle strength and muscle in general. Thanks to regular exercise and healthy diet, the child's body will become fitter and smaller at risk of developing chronic illness.

Depression is a condition that can be overcome if handling begins as soon as possible. One way to overcome depression that is proven to prevent this condition of attack back is psychological therapy for mindset and behavior.

Depression is one of the mental health disorders that affect thinking, behavior, and emotion. One of the characteristics of this disorder is to make you think life has no meaning anymore to live so as to impact the loss of passion in doing daily activities. While sad and fussy are some symptoms of depression in children.

If not treated immediately, depression can have a serious impact on the lives of sufferers. You can fall into bad habits that endanger health, such as drug abuse and alcoholic beverages. Another bad habit that may also be done is to hurt yourself to suicide attempts.

Dealing with depression problems often requires professional medical help from psychologists and psychiatrists, it is useful to identify actual problems, and what treatments are appropriate for the conditions experienced, generally approaching the treatment of this condition needs to be done holistically, either through treatment as well as psychotherapy .

How to Overcome Depression with Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is considered as one of the most effective ways of dealing with depression. Because this therapy can help you recognize and change your mindset and behavior towards something that triggers depression. By changing your mindset, behavior, lifestyle, and initiating healthy physical activity, you can reduce the disruption caused by depression and fight depression other than with the help of psychiatric medications as needed, psychotherapy is also able to prevent the emergence of post-treatment depression.

Here is the application of how to overcome depression based on various types of psychological therapy, such as cognitive and interpersonal behavior. Immediately do some of these tips so you do not keep on dragging in grief that breaks your motivation and destroys your daily activities, hobbies, even sexual relationships with your partner.

    Practice fighting every negative thought that comes with using logic. Thus you will develop the ability to tolerate and address problems with more positive and healthy behaviors.
    Do something new, different, and fun each time you start feeling depressed or attacking negative aura, for example by following a dive class. Doing new things will make you feel challenged, thus stimulating and increasing the hormone dopamine associated with pleasure, enjoyment and learning.
    Create a diary that tells about your mood to help see negative feelings from different angles. This therapy is also a reminder of the positive things that ever happened in your life, it is also advisable to record at least one positive thing that happens every day, thereby training you to keep thinking and behaving positively.
    Maintaining social contact is one way to combat the isolation that triggers depression. Increase communication with family or friends or close relatives who you trust, so you do not feel alone, empty, or meaningless.
    Create a new routine that keeps you motivated by an interesting and more organized daily, has a more realistic goal or new responsibility, and avoid mood swings or old-fashioned depressive mindset attacks.
    Doing sports like walking 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes can trigger the production of endorphins hormone, so as to increase mood becomes more passionate and enthusiasm.
    Have enough sleep time of 6 to 8 hours per day. Lack of bedtime or excessive sleep time, can worsen depression.

Make sure you have consulted with psychologists and psychiatrists, and make efforts to cope with depression according to the advice given. Various ways to overcome this depression would be more effective again with the support and the role of family and relatives. You can join together in a support group for fellow depression sufferers, where you can exchange thoughts and experiences in coping with depression, so you can better understand this condition. If you begin to feel any signs of depression again, or feel a disorder that can not be handled on their own, do not hesitate to immediately seek help from experts, before the interference gets tougher.

Several types of lemon diet can promise you a body with ideal weight or digestive tract that is free from toxins. Lemon water for diet is also believed to reduce your desire to "crave" unhealthy food.

Consume lemon water is believed to lose weight. But actually weight loss only occurs when we replace the usual sweet drinks we consume with lemon water, which is lower in calories. Doing any type of diet without eating other foods can actually make the body lack of nutrients and loss of muscle mass. In addition, your weight will also tend to go back up faster when it has completed the diet program.

Your body still needs various types of nutrient intake to perform its functions properly, including to start the process of metabolism that will process food into energy sources.

Meanwhile, the task of maintaining the digestive tract of the toxins is already held by your body organs called heart. So what you need to do is to keep the heart as well as possible. So, how best to do a lemon diet that really nourish the body?

To gain long-lasting health benefits from lemons, a lemon diet should be accompanied by nutritional intake derived from a variety of healthy and balanced dietary options.

Food sources of recommended nutrients include vegetables, fruits, fish, skinless chicken, wheat, low-fat dairy products, and healthy sources of fat such as olive oil.

The recommended lemon preparation is a squeeze of half a lemon mixed with warm or cold water. But if you are not strong with the sour taste, you can start with a squeeze of ¼ lemon. For the morning drink lemon juice mixed with warm water. Warm lemon juice in the morning can provide many benefits for your health.

You can also scrape the lemon rind to serve the spice or add it to the cake batter to get a fresh flavor.

In addition to keeping your body hydrated, lemon juice is also good to drink when you're having a cold. In addition to being a source of vitamin C, lemon for diet also helps maintain muscle function, as well as body fluid balance as it provides a nutritional intake called potassium for the body. In addition, lemon also has many other benefits for health and beauty.

Side Effects of Lemon Water for a Possible Diet

Keep in mind that lemons have citric acid content that can erode tooth enamel so that risk also on the entry of bacteria into the teeth. To reduce the risk of acid attached to your teeth, drink lemon juice through a straw. Afterwards, gargle with plain water then kick it out.

Stop consuming lemons for the diet if you experience heartburn and get worse when drinking lemon water. It is advisable to consult further with your doctor or nutritionist before you start a lemon or other diet, especially if you have a medical condition or are suffering from a disease. Complete your diet with exercise to achieve a maximum diet.

Dark chocolate, beneficial lowers blood pressure and has a high antioxidant content. We recommend the consumption of dark chocolate without a mixture of milk, so the benefits can be obtained optimally.

Dark chocolate that has been processed and added beans, caramel, or other food ingredients, can reduce the benefits for the heart. These additional ingredients will add fat and calories to the body.

Rich Nutritional Content
Dark chocolate has a variety of content that is beneficial to the health of the body, First is the content of antioxidants. This substance is believed to fight free radicals that damage the body's cells. The formation of free radicals can not be avoided as they occur naturally from the body processes, such as the respiratory process. Other sources of free radicals are cigarette smoke, vehicle fumes and environmental pollution.

Then, a second substance high in dark chocolate is flavonoids. In humans, flavonoids are also antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. However, flavonoid intake can also be found in apples, tea and onions.

In addition, there is also a flavanol content in dark chocolate. Flavanol is what makes chocolate useful to lower blood pressure, reduce the tendency of platelets to clot, and increase blood flow to the brain and heart.

Unfortunately the processing of dark chocolate can degrade, even eliminating flavanols in dark chocolate. The more processing process, the flavanol level is getting less. So although dark chocolate has the highest flavanol content, if its processing through a long process, it is possible that the flavanol content becomes more lost.
Prevent Diseases
Many diseases can be prevented or alleviated by eating dark chocolate, such as:

    Relieves stress

Research proves that eating chocolate regularly in certain amounts can help relieve stress. But this study still has some drawbacks so that the results can not be used as a proof of the theory. Therefore, more studies are needed to prove the efficacy of dark chocolate to relieve stress.

    Reduces blood pressure and stroke risk

A done about 2-8 weeks showed, the effect of lowering blood pressure from the consumption of dark chocolate. Although, mentioned further research needs to be done.

Based on the study, people who ate two chocolate bars per day had a lower risk of stroke when compared with people who rarely or never eat chocolate. Of course, the risk of this cancer should also be coupled with a healthy lifestyle and diet. However, this study has disadvantages, people who eat chocolate are usually people who are healthier than those who do not. People do not eat chocolate is possible because it has certain medical conditions that make them have to avoid chocolate.
Although dark chocolate is believed to have many health benefits, you are advised to consume it with no exaggeration. Keep applying a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal body stamina.

Crying is the result of expressing a person's feelings when feeling sad, tearful, or happy. Behind the trickle of tears that flow, it turns out there are benefits to cry that can be obtained.

A person who cries is often regarded as a whiny and weak. Men are people who often get the stamp when crying. Meanwhile, women are more reasonable to express their feelings by crying.

Types of Tears
Basically, the human body will produce three kinds of tears. Each type of tear has its own function. The three types of tears are:

    Tears reflex. Tears of reflexes occur when the eye concedes something. Therefore, these tears will serve to clear the eyes of harmful particles such as smoke or dust.
    Tears continuous (. These tears will continue to be produced by the eye regularly to lubricate eyes. Tears of this type have lysozymeyang content that serves as an anti-bacterial that protects the eyes from infection. Not only that, these tears will also pass through the nose through a special channel to keep the area moist and bacteria free.
    Emotional tears. These tears are slightly different from the reflex tears that are 98 percent made up of water. Emotional tears contain hormones produced by the body when stressed.

Physical and Mental Benefits
Aside from being a way of expressing feelings, there are actually some crying benefits that can be felt.

    Releasing stress

As mentioned above, in emotional tears, stress hormones will also be excreted while crying. Other toxins that accumulate during stress are also excluded. Not only that, other studies show that crying can stimulate the hormone endorphins which is a natural pain killer that can make you feel better

    Improve your mood

The benefits of crying can lower manganese levels in a person's body. Basically, excess manganese in the body will affect mood, such as feelings of anxiety, anxiety, and other emotional disturbances. Especially for emotion-induced tears, it contains higher albumin proteins that are useful for carrying small molecules.

    Relieves feelings

Many people who admitted feeling better after crying. Especially for those who are frustrated, mourning, and having a bad day.

    Help through difficult situations

The psychological benefits of crying are to improve your mood and help you deal with difficult or painful situations.

Watch This When Crying
Apart from the benefits of crying, it still should not take place in a prolonged manner. In addition, emotion through the crying is better done in the right place so as not to affect the mood. Do not cry in public if you do not want to feel embarrassed, do you? Hold your tears and go to another comfortable place to cry.

Crying while being with a friend or spouse, makes a person able to release emotions than when crying alone. In someone who has a mood disorder such as depression or anxiety, crying usually can not help make feelings better. Therefore, when after crying, the state of the heart becomes worse, it is advisable to consult the therapist to deal with mood disorders that are suffered.

There are many benefits for crying for body and mental health. However, be careful if you cry too much because it can be a sign that you are depressed, depressed, or moody. Consult a doctor or psychologist about the condition.