Why you need to include pomegranate in your diet menu??

Contains vitamins A, E, K, C, and are rich in antioxidants, pomegranate provides benefits that are so great. their Grain seeds are not only delicious eaten alone, but also can be processed into juice. 100 grams of pomegranate seeds contains at least 16% of vitamin K, 12% vitamin C, folate and 10% of daily needs. Plus, the fiber in the pomegranate, and low in fat and calories contained in them.

This fruit can make you fall in love. Not only because the color is attractive, but also nutrients, as well as the many benefits provided. Really super fruit!

Here are some of the benefits of pomegranates that can make you feel excited.

    Preventing heart disease
    If you or a relative have a problem with ischemic coronary heart disease, try to consume pomegranate juice. A study showed that individuals who consume at least 200 milliliters of pomegranate juice every day for 90 days, can reduce symptoms of ischemia (heart muscle to contract to nutritional deficiencies because of narrowing of the coronary arteries) during the testing process on the workload of the heart. This happens because of pomegranate juice, blood flow to the heart becomes better. In fact, pomegranate juice is also believed to prevent heart disease.
    Reduce bad cholesterol
    Not only is believed to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, the content of antioxidants in pomegranate juice was also to keep the cholesterol levels in the body. Because pomegranate juice has anti-atherogenic or stop the buildup of plaque in the blood vessel wall. Not only that, routinely consume can also help you in reducing the plaque.

    Reducing the risk of osteoporosis
    According to studies conducted in mice, pomegranate provide more benefit in preventing osteoporosis and strengthen bones. Although biological structures mice and humans are similar, the benefits of pomegranate could not be confirmed through laboratory testing whether the same results in humans.

Well, are you in love with the benefits of pomegranate? Although still requires further research, certainly it does not hurt to eat healthy foods for a balanced diet. Enter the pomegranate fruit into your daily menu, and feel the benefits that it provides.

Writing with hand gives more benefit to brain

Laptop and notebook applications have made a pen and paper become "antique" things. However, the type of material with keyboard does not improve the ability to learn like when you choose to record by hand and pen.

Researchers at Princeton University and the University of California at Los Angeles found, rather than typing them, the people who wrote by hand is capable of capturing the lessons better, retain information longer, and more easily understand new ideas.

"Writing by hand made brain function associated with study skills become sharper than when typing," said Kenneth Kiewra educational psychologist at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, who studied the differences in writing and setting information.

"Writing hand is a fairly dynamic process," said Michael Friedman cognitive psychologist at Harvard University, "you reprocess what you hear in your mind."

But today, almost all students, especially students, have a "portable computer". Typing with the keyboard also seemed to have been part of higher education.

No doubt, most people are typing on a laptop lessons could write more in a shorter time than people who write with a pen or pencil, the researchers analysis.

Students are typing with the keyboard can record 33 words per minute, while the students who wrote the hands of only 22 words per minute.

Although recorded by hand longer, researchers at Washington University in St Louis found that students who notes with handwriting can remember the lesson study longer than students who notes using the keyboard.

The researchers report, the study involved 80 students and has been published in the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Researchers found that people who recorded with keyboards tend to forget about the material recorded within 24 hours. Instead, they are recorded by hand could remember the course material longer, even up to a week later.

According to the researchers, writing by hand to make the brain more organized in the recording memory, so the memory of that written material become longer.

In three experiments during 2014, psychologist Pam A. Mueller of Daniel Oppenheimer of Princeton and UCLA never tested 67 students are currently writing material either via the keyboard or pen. Then, the students were tested on the material a week later after being given the opportunity to review their records.

As a result, students who use hand writing words less on their records, but tend to think more intensely about the material they write, and digest it thoroughly, the researchers said in Psychological Science.

"Writing with hand help you learn," said Dr. Oppenheimer.

Depression can lead to health problems

You must have heard that depression can lead to various diseases such as heart problems, diabetes and panic disorder. And what about the sadness like a girlfriend broke up, lost wallet, or a fight with a friend? Can sadness like that, who are not depressed, detrimental to health as well?

A study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry says that feelings of sadness can change the level of the chemical compounds associated with stress, in the brain. These compounds increase the protein causes inflammation in the blood, increasing the risk of heart disease, stroke and metabolic syndrome.

When you're sad, the chemical in the brain called opioid going up and disrupt the immune system and potentially increase the risk of various diseases, said Alan Prossin, lead author of the study and assistant professor of UTHealth in Houston.

In the study, Alan found that opioid sometimes triggers the release of inflammatory protein called IL-18 as described above.

"Although not as crimped depression sadness, but sadness can also disrupt the entire functioning of the body, said John E. Mayer, PhD, psychologist and author of Family Fit klibis.

Sadness can also raise levels of the stress hormone called cortisol, which can disrupt blood sugar, blood pressure and sleep quality.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to overcome it all. Small changes here and there, such as meditation, exercise, hang out with friends, it will gradually be able to neutralize the negative effects of grief, said Alan.

Power Of Hormones Review: Method to Fix Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the biggest problem faced by women. According to mindbodygreen.com, there are few signs that you suffer of hormonal imbalance, here you go:

- Hard to lose weight
- fatigue
- loss of muscle mass
- belly fat
- depression
- imsonia
- etc

So, what is exactly the Power Of Hormones??, well it's an eBook created by Angela Byrne that shows you how to recognize the symptoms of hormonal imbalance completely and how to treat them. Note that this guide is specifically designed for women.

On the official site of this product, Angela claims that the Power Of Hormones can help you reduce stress, boost energy, reduce belly fat, reverse hormone imbalance and more.

Diet, the secret key to treat the hormonal imbalance

Workers and busy women are often affected with hormonal imbalance. Most people believe that poor nutrition and junk foods (or even skipping breakfast) can lead to hormonal imbalance. In this case, the simple and obvious thing to do so you can reverse the bad effects of hormonal imbalance is by re-arrange your menu.

- 60 days money back guarantee
- affordable
- natural approach to treat the hormonal imbalance symptoms

- the Power Of Hormones can help you lose weight, however, it is not a pure weight loss program.

Best alternative

* The Beta Switch
This program is also especially designed for women. The Beta Switch works by "switching" beta receptors to condition where it can burn fat optimally.

* The 3 Week Diet System
This pure diet system promises to you that you can lose weight in three weeks. It contains manual that contain diet menu as well as workout program to shape your body.

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These are the best substitutes of sugar

There are so many artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes on the market. What's wrong with sugar so you need a replacement? "With 15 calories by one teaspoon, no one can be called a moderate amount of sugar," said Lona Sandon, R.D., assistant professor of clinical nutrition University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Approximately 25 percent of your daily calories come from sugar in cakes, cereals, and soy sauce, said Lona.

To satisfy your desire for sweet foods and drinks, especially if you need to limit calories, carbohydrates or diabetics, this is a sugar substitute that you can consider:


It is a sugar alternative that is made of a kind of herb that is found in Central and South America. It feels 40 times sweeter than sugar but zero calories and does not make your blood sugar soaring.

"Truvia is a sugar substitute that is most promising. Until now, its use is still safe. It was like sugar with glycemic index almost zero. That means your blood sugar levels will remain intact," says nutritionist and author of The Healthiest meals on Earth, Jonny Bowden, Ph.D.


Three types of sugar, fructose (natural sugar in fruits and vegetables), sucrose (table sugar) and lactose (milk sugar), together form the sweetener-low whey this.

If a stand-alone, sucrose and lactose are full of calories. When combined together with fructose, they will be fused into sweetener that is not fully absorbed by the body. As a result, only four calories by one teaspoon.

Whey low glycemic index less than one-third owned sugar. Similar sweeteners low whey granular sugar is sugar, brown sugar, maple sugar and confectioners sugar.

"Creator whey low once said, the interaction of three types of sugar it produces a sweet taste that is full but fewer calories. We've tested this and it seems promising," said Thomas Castonguay, Ph.D., associate professor of food science at the University of Maryland in College Park ,


It is a natural sugar alcohol and can be found in berries and corn. Xylitol has only 9 calories by one teaspoon and a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.

Xylitol also serves to prevent the bacteria that causes plaque attached to the teeth so as to prevent tooth decay. But if you eat too much can cause abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea.

According to Bowden, xylitol can not be fully digested, that's why these sweeteners can keep blood sugar levels remain normal.

AGAVE Nectar

Agave is a plant used to make tequila drinks. Some types of agave mixed and become this liquid sweetener.

The benefits of agave nectar is still being debated. Agave nectar does not make your blood sugar soaring drastically, but more calories than regular sugar is 20 calories per teaspoon.

There are also experts who still doubt the womb fruktosa, are the same as in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is proven to cause increased rates of obesity.

The limit is, we all can consume a little sweetener in our daily lives. But if you eat too much cake or snack, even if the food was wearing a sugar substitute, you remain at risk who eat processed foods that are not good for health.